Murder Victim’s Sister Tells Anti-Gun Troll ‘Only a Gun Would Have Saved Her’

Ann Wright of Everytown for Gun Safety gets an ear full from sister of murder victim.

Ann Wright Everytown for Gun Safety
Ann Wright Everytown for Gun Safety
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Her response left a shocked anti-gun representative sputtering and backtracking.

In 2013, 27-year-old Jessie Doyle was shot and killed by her estranged husband, Josh Cavett.

The anti-gun organization Everytown for Gun Safety reached out to Doyle’s sister, Jennie Cochran, assuming that she would support their cause.

Audio of a phone call between Cochran and Ann Wright of Everytown for Gun Safety shows just how wrong that assumption was.

In the call, Wright asked if Cochran would feel comfortable sharing her story so people would understand the need for stronger gun laws.

“I’m very pro-gun, as is Jessie, so I would really hope that you guys don’t use her story for anything,” Cochran responded. “Because the only thing that would have saved her was a gun.”

On “Fox and Friends” this morning, Cochran explained that there’s no way the police would have been able to respond in time to prevent her sister’s murder.

“[Cavett] is a felon. He’s gonna have a gun, and the only thing that would have leveled it out is if she had one too,” she said.

“It was already illegal for him to have a gun. He was a felon … they’re gonna get them. There’s a black market out there and they’re always gonna have them.”

Cochran told Brian Kilmeade that she didn’t want the anti-gun group to take her sister’s story and use it to create more victims.

“When they push for more gun laws, they’re creating a society of victims,” she explained.

Watch the interview here. The full audio of the call can be heard, below.

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Too bad her mother was not a “Pro choice” activist.


Ann Wright…could be a poster child…for “why” we need to use prophylactics…as are the rest of her ilk.

kent payne

It’s time for American citizens to quit being a victim and start defending ourselves