New Limb Shaker Calling Kit from Hunter’s Specialties

07048 Limb Shaker resized

( Limb Shaker Calling Kit contains the new Limb Shaker Friction Call and Limb Shaker Owl Hooter. The Limb Shaker Friction Pot Call has a ready to play pre-sanded glass surface and comes with a Green Mountain camo striker. It easily produces all the sounds of a hen turkey, including high-pitched yelps and cutts.

The Limb Shaker Owl Hooter is an easy-to-use call that helps hunters locate gobblers early and late in the day. The reed-style call has a realistic raspy sound with three holes in the end to funnel the sound for added volume. It allows hunters to call softly when gobblers are near or louder for birds farther away. Loud or soft, it sounds like a real owl.

Both calls are weather resistant for hunting in those wet spring conditions.

The Limb Shaker Calling Kit sells for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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