Oath Keepers Can Stop Martial Law

An Open Letter From Oath Keepers Editor.

Martial Law
Martial Law
Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Elias with Oath Keepers here. I am reflecting back on something I’ve noticed in recent years. Let us recall that it was the Republican Party’s rejection of Ron Paul in the 2008 Presidential campaign that caused our Founder, Stewart Rhodes, to create this organization.

I note that Oath Keepers was born out of the Ron Paul Revolution at the very time the Tea Party was spreading and growing like wildfire across middle-America from coast to coast, much to the dismay of established powers.

Since September 11, 2001, our dear Government has decided to crush dissent in this country by militarizing our police and backing them up with Fusion Centers from DHS and a mutual “chain of command” linking our police with the U.S. military itself. The current aim is to erect the infrastructure for imposing “martial law”.

Oath Keepers will recall that in the 2008 campaign cycle we seldom ever heard any politician talk about honoring one’s Oath. But in the three election cycles since Stewart Rhodes created Oath Keepers, 2010, 2012, and 2014, we have heard a great deal about the Oath.

It has become a part of the national dialogue.

Each of you helped make that happen, and I think that we all should celebrate that spirit, and build on it. We have had a powerful effect on the national dialogue, thanks to each of you.

I want to now challenge each of you to do all you can to help with our current RT&I project, which is one of the best projects Oath Keepers has seen. I’m talking about the production of a very classy documentary film which showcases Oath Keepers’ mission and spotlights our “Ten Orders We Will Not Obey”. The movie features Ron Paul as well as our President and Founder, Stewart Rhodes. Also in the film are Oath Keepers Board member Sheriff Mack and our national Chaplain, Pastor Chuck Baldwin. This movie will be an Oath Keepers teaching tool for many years to come, so I am asking all members to send in what you can to help us get this film finished. Read below please!

This film is about “martial law“, and what the Constitution has to say about “martial law“. The script for the film is inspired by

Dr. Edwin Vieira’s writings, which are superbly academic and undebatable. I am sure that all Oath Keepers already know well that martial law is coming at this nation like a runaway freight train. Let’s talk just a bit about what each of you can do to help us stop the coming martial law and win the fight for liberty.

Ron Paul and Stewart Rhodes will star in the movie MIDNIGHT RIDE

Oath Keepers and Matrix Entertainment are producing the classiest, most Constitutionally-correct denouncement of the coming police state’s authoritarian “martial law” with James Jaeger’s powerful movie documentary, MIDNIGHT RIDE.

Stewart Rhodes has already interviewed on film for this movie. Ron Paul will interview for the film shortly.

Saddle Up! Ride with US! Help us stop Martial Law!

View the trailer: below.

About Oath Keepers:
Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution. www.oathkeepers.org

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Kikonda Alexander

Elias Alias, editor for Oath Keepers, a salute to you dear sir!! Who would in their right mind, clearly not appreciate, your truly objective, and of course 100% admissible answer / response, to the individual in question, to your above statement!! My worry though, does arise, and this is a needed wakeup call, for anyone missing even some basic discernment, as to what is coming, and unfortunately, what is already here. The clear gap, of awareness, being someone in charge of any deployment, or whom even is “in the chain of command of my agency!!!” doesnt somehow know these dangerous… Read more »


Should be LE agencies not LE agency

Elias Alias

Jon, I have tried to post a reply to your question about “chain of command”, but the reply was over 2,300 words and is not showing here as a comment/reply to your post, so I do not know if you will see it or not. In case my post does not clear moderation here, please know that I have an answer for you and will email it to you if you write me at: [email protected] You will be surprised to see how I can prove my statement, so do email me if that long post does not show here. Thank… Read more »

Elias Alias

Jon, I spoke too quickly. My lengthy post was indeed accepted under the article here, so I am thankful. I really thought it might be too long for the text box, and am glad to see I was wrong about that. My thanks to AmmoLand’s moderation are sincere. But Jon, I noted in reading over that long screed that I omitted, in my haste, the link to Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen’s “Grave New World” speech, so will now offer that link with apologies for the error — I should proofread stuff before hitting the “post” button, yes? 😉… Read more »


“and a mutual “chain of command” linking our police with the U.S. military itself.”
Really where do you get this idiotic statement. There is no central chain of command for all law enforcement in this country. There are over 36,000 different LE agency within the United State. If this has happen I guess someone forgot to tell me, and I am in the chain of command of my agency!!! You only add to the mistrust with misinformation.

Elias Alias

Jon, My statement may not be as “idiotic” as it may at first seem. I could not write a full history of everything I asserted in that article about the movie, for reason of brevity and coherence, but I do respect your question and will try to answer it for you now. Please bear in mind several basic facts on which I’m sure we’ll all agree. 1 – On July 26, 1999, then-Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen posted an article he had written in the Washington Post. To the best of my knowledge the Washington Post was the only… Read more »


Well, its time to stop talking about it and start doing something about it, if there are not enough people in this congress and this scotus to clean up the black house and remove the frauds to trial and imprisonment…then apparently the citizens will have to raise up! THAT is what they are afraid of, THAT is the reason for the home land insecurity, the fema, the martial law…..the communists did their work well back in the 30’s, and it spread like a major disease, which it is!!!