Rules for Them, and Different Rules for You If You Have a Gun

By Rob Morse

Rob Morse
Rob Morse

California –-(   Some anti-rights activists are sure the rules don’t apply to them.  They have armed bodyguards while they want to make sure we are disarmed.  Simply stated, the rich gun-grabbers have one set of rules for them, and a different set of rules that apply to everyone else.  Listen to what they say and see what they do.

Jonathan Romans is an active member of both anti-self-defense groups Moms Demand Action and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.  He often comments on their pages.  Mister Romans called for harassment and violence against law abiding gun owners.  He said,

“..when a stranger enters a public place armed, ask to see his permit.  If he produces one, cross your fingers.  If not, then tackle him, or shoot him, because then it will not be too late.”

Crazy Romans

That sounds crazy to me.  Does Romans want us to tackle anti-rights Mayor Bloomberg’s many armed bodyguards?


How about the guards protecting anti-rights advocates like Shannon Watts?  Shannon says all firearms owners are crazy gunmen, yet here are her armed bodyguards.Crazy Watts

This is a test.  Who looks out of place at the Moms Demand Action rally?

Watts 02IMG_4565

Could you try to blend in a little, fellas?01IMG_4558


What about anti-rights public figures like Rosie O’Donnell, Piers Morgan, Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer?  They hate for you to own guns, but they have armed security guards.  Are we supposed to tackle and disarm their guards too?

The secret service always rides with anti-rights Senator Chuckie Schumer.biking_senators

I know that moral consistency is a lot to ask.  Perhaps the hypocracy of these public figures is actually a gift in disguse.  Their hypocracy shows us how they lie.

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Or the fact that if they see that yu are armed that means oc and you dont need a permit for oc anyway!


Romans needs to demonstrate to the rest of the world the sincerity of his beliefs by putting a LARGE sign with bright red letters in his front yard or on his front door, stating that he proudly lives in a gun free home!!



Ok Romans. Shoot him with what, your finger? I forget. You should have a gun but no one else. AssHat.


Apparently you don’t understand Romans’ sarcasm and completely missed the point. No problem, I can translate sarcasm for you. What was meant by that statement is if we all solved our problems by shooting each other then we may all potentially die, therefore nobody can shoot guns at each other.
Guns are a huge problem in America, too many people are dying!!! Get a clue morons!


No moron. Guns are not a huge problem in America. Criminals are. The vast majority of shootings are during the commission of a crime. Usually drug related. If you subtract the cities of Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago from US gun crime statistics we are virtually gun crime free. Coincidentally these cities are are liberal governed and most have harsh gun laws.


Everyone has the natural right to protect themselves. Most of the peasants can’t afford armed guard so they’ll just have to take care of business themselves. In Montana nearly everyone is armed. No crime there, at least until the provocateurs and mind control pukes. While attending high school I was employed by the gun shop owner of “Afield GunShop.” [1961-63] At that time we had Military Surplus catalogues on the counter. A person could buy anything from tanks to bazookas.” I wrote up numerous orders for 75mm anti-aircraft guns with live rounds! I even wrote up orders for Flamethrowers now… Read more »


I couldn’t agree more.


Its not just about guns. We have the right to bear arms. Any arms. These rights cannot be changed or abridged in any way. Stick to your arms.


Hypocrites, they want us to Do as they say “NOT” do as they do!


LOL! Sent that last one early by mistake!

AS IF I’d show some guy my permit. Its nobody’s business.




Bolshevik jews will show their true colors once they collect our guns. Give up your guns, bloomberg!


I look at the people at these anti-gun events and I wonder, “Can’t those people SEE the armed gaurds around the “protected” people?”. Has anyone of the anti groups EVER questioned them? I know they will say that those people NEED gaurds, the gaurds have been TRAINED in proper gun usage, if the pro gun people just gave their guns up they wouldn’t need them and yadda yadda yadda. But they NEVER ask, why does the Queen and her Family have armed gaurds?