TV Star Jesse James to Appear at the 2015 Great American Outdoor Show

Jesse James
Jesse James
National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

HARRISBURG, Pa. – -( Jesse James, TV star and founder of popular clothing and custom motorcycle manufacturer West Coast Choppers, is joining a growing list of celebrities attending the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA. James will greet fans and sign autographs February 11th and 12th from 2:30pm – 4:30pm in the Small Arena and attend The NRA Foundation Banquet the evening of February 12th.

James, who became a household name because of his skill in building custom choppers, was inspired by his passion for firearms in 2012. So, he began applying his signature craftsmanship to manufacturing firearms and launched Jesse James Firearms Unlimited (JJFU) to focus on creating skillfully crafted and highly customizable guns for law enforcement, military, and individual use. Additionally, James has turned his design capabilities on creating a revolutionary patented sound suppressor design, JJFU’s Aero-Sonic Sound Suppressor.

“I have been really lucky in life to be able to follow my passion of creating things with my hands. I’m now building handmade firearms, and it feels like this is my real calling,” said Jesse James. “Being able to do what I love and support my family is what the American Dream is all about. These freedoms are one of the most valuable things in my life. This is why I am proud to support the organization that fights for these rights. This is why I am excited to support the NRA and attendees at the Great American Outdoor Show.”

Besides Jesse James, the 2015 Great American Outdoor Show will feature a host of other outdoor celebrities including NRA All Access host and professional shooter Jessie Duff and shooting legend Doug Koenig, who will teach the secrets to their success at the February 9th and 10th “Shoot Like A Pro” demonstration on a state of the art shooting simulator. Attendees to this year’s show will be able to meet Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, Michael Waddell, Hank Parker, Craig Boddington, David Blanton, the Keefer Brothers, and a host of other renowned names.

“The Great American Outdoor Show is the perfect venue to showcase fresh faces and fan favorite outdoor personalities while celebrating our rich heritage for hunting, fishing, the shooting sports, and other outdoor activities,” said Executive Director of NRA General Operations Kyle Weaver.

“We had a very successful show with record attendance last year and the NRA has built on those successes and made improvements to make 2015 the best Great American Outdoor Show to date.”

The Great American Outdoor Show celebrates the outdoor traditions treasured by millions of Americans and their families in a 650,000 square foot exhibit space that will feature nearly 1,100 exhibitors, including shooting manufacturers, outfitters, boat and RV dealers, hunting and fishing retailers, and much more.

Purchase tickets to the Great American Outdoor Show and see a complete list of events at

About the National Rifle Association
Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. Five million members strong, NRA continues its mission to uphold Second Amendment rights and is the leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the military. Visit

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Jessie “I will do anything for a buck” James… his input is relevant to what? his expertise is in what exactly? Targets? Camp Perry? SOCOM? Force Recon? SS? tattoos? being a poser?… seriously guys.. is anyone home?


I’m home.
His was he was on “Sons of Guns” and they built him a BAR, that makes him a master gunsmith-right?-lol
As soon as I saw that show I wondered how long before he was doing guns…..


Call me old fashioned but personal integrity and respect of others should still mean something nowadays (even in the 21st century). I could care less about tattoos, piercings or any other body modification; an individual is free to do what they want. However, I will say that the NRA is ‘playing a game’ by entertaining Mr. James. It’s an opportunity to appeal and engage to a younger, more diverse population for current and future, responsible firearms owners. While I applaud the NRA’s efforts, I must agree with some others that Mr. James might not be the most ideal person to… Read more »

Lawrence A.

Jessie must have been overcome with map gas when he married her. Seems like a pushy domineering hag. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Keep the creativity flowing. A lot of holes to be drilled and tapped.


Surely the NRA can get other celebrities to attend so that they don’t have to scrape the bottom of the barrel by asking Jesse James.



Robert Fowle

I like the work Jesse James does. Creative, original, and quality.
Too bad he makes things I can never afford.


In his own words, he is just a glorified welder.

He has a good head for business and could use a better one for his love life but that is his business not mine.


i think all yous are a bunch of c*** su***rs what does his personal life or him being married have to do with what there talking about you ******* are way off track of the subject go choke on another ****

edited by admin for violation of comment policy. “A good point destroyed by the use of foul language.” well done


What he did, put it in the public eye.
Where did or does he get his money to even get started?
Is he another Thomas Edison that bought or stole almost all the ideas for what he’s done?
Edison was a crook and a thief!


i just wish he would make some sh&t that a broke ass mofo like me could afford to put on my rifle, a muzzle brake that looks like it could be used as a bayonet would be nice 😀

chris martin

Listen to u fn idiots.. so having tattoos and having personal issues makes u a low life. Makes u look like u just got out of prison too huh? U jealous losers. Usually I dont stoop to this level of bashing someone on social media like u ass clowns but u know nothin about his marriage or what was going on between them.and I have tattoos and a shaved head does that mean I look like prison trash too. Im a hard workin father of 3 and work as a mechanic and ride and build bikes too. Never been to… Read more »


agree… Jesse talent driving people crazy.. Keep it up buddy.. You doing a great job… you people stop judging and man up ⚡️


Jesse is out there to learn and teach people about good things. Sorry he doesn’t fit into the “Honey Boo Boo” and other nonse shows out there. His show “American Craftsman” was not aired because it has no sex, drama and such stupidity because like my friend said todays audience has an IQ less than room temperature so anything actually educational will not be aired. He is an amazing craftsman and what he does in his bedroom is no one else’s business. I would love to have a TV channel of just his shows, but like I said he is… Read more »


^^^^ Sooo, your saying he shouldnt represent the NRA, and show his line of fire arms based off of what happened in his hollywood marriage.. makes sense


How about will Dave and Bo quit with the J.J slamming and pull Ur panties outta your asses you uppity tight ass perfect life having bitches! There is a big difference about what the NRA should and shouldn’t do when it comes to who or what represents them . Then a few guys who are jealous of one of thee best custom fire arms suppliers of our generation. Obviously who ever made that call was man enough or not bypass like u fuks and said we need JESSIE JAMES?! The end. Bitches.


I agree with Dave, why would you cheat on Sandra with hookes and boast about it while still married. Low class individual that should not represent the NRA in any way.


What does His personal life have to do with making fine firearms what the guy does In public and what he does behind closed doors is a whole different ball game. Your just jealous this guy can build anything. Jesse is the man you guys are just Turds wishing you could do something good with your life .

Dave Cv

This is the same guy that married Sandra Bullock (one of my favorite people) and then cheated on her several times.
Then he divorced her. I hope she had a pre-nup.
Pretty low class individual in most rights. Looks like he just got out of prison. Is this really the image that the NRA want to portray. Not for me. I think having him on the Great American Outdoor show sends the wrong message.Please reconsider his apperance. This guy is a low life.


He is low class because he made a mistake or because he has tattoos? This is 2015 my friend. Plus who are we to judge? God bless homeboy.

Rob C

Because it’s not the Husband of the Year Show you dumb bastard. It’s people like you that bring outside emotions into 2nd Amendment Rights celebrations that leaves a bad taste in everyone’s head. You are no one to judge anyone, you are not perfect and I’m sure you don’t wish to be judged on your faults. How about you try promoting positivity and not hatred.

ricky murrietta

Lowlife my ass, this guy works hard, and bust his ass! He is smart, and talented. You build a custom motorcycle, weapons, or cars! Dam people, if u can’t back it up. Shut the f..k up!


Jesse may have screwed up and cheated but the guys built his empire from the ground up and busts his ass non stop. This guy should be the face of the NRA, not just someone representing It. I doubt there’s anyone out there that knows a hard days work more then him.


you’re calling him low class? so the guy cheated on his movie star wife, who cares?

William Butler

Jesse James the “Reality Show” actor. He knows what side his butter is breaded on! I can hardly wait to see what exhaust pipes he puts on an AR. Should be unique, don’t you think?