Two South American Adventures I am Inspired to Take After My Trip to SCI 2015

By Jason Reid

Red Stag
Red Stag
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Rochester, New York – -( Global hunting hot spots are generally thought of as places in Africa, Asia, Northern Canada and Alaska.

Yes, these regions generate plenty of interest and rightly so. But have we considered the hot spot located on our sister continent, South America?

A mixture of low hunting pressure, pristine habitat and excellent climate, South American hunting destinations might be what most of us call, “a honey hole.” In South America, you have the ability to hunt a variety of game which is also attainable in other regions of the world, however, it is a bit easier to reach.

While walking the floor of the 2015 Safari Club International Convention ( ) , there were three hunts in South America I saw and was inspired to save my pennies for, for someday in the future.

Ducks: I love hunting ducks like a growing number of people do and like many, have heard of the mecca different countries in South America offer for duck hunting. I wondered why this is and was able to find answers after stopping in the Black River Outfitters Lodge ( ) booth here at the SCI show.

Hunts run from May through September for ducks with teal being common. Ok, do I want to travel all that way just for teal? I can shoot teal all morning at home. Well after talking with the guides and hearing that not just teal but the dozen or so species of birds at their Argentinian and Uruguay camps decoy extremely well and the bag limit is 25 per day, I understood.

But where do all these birds come from and warrant the ability to have such generous bag limits?

Many guides told me the country of Brazil offers incredible habitat for the birds. Due to the number of waterways available, habitat for reproducing is pristine. Couple that with the inability to hunt ducks in brazil,and lack of hunting else where the duck population is able to remain extremely healthy. Hunters can expect to burn their gun barrels off due to the high volume of birds. Since they also do not see the pressure, they are not decoy shy like birds here in North America. What duck hunter doesn’t love birds that decoy well?

Black River Outfitters offers a Mixed Bag hunting package ,in which you have the ability to hunt ducks, dove, and bereiz as well. Beretta and Beneli shotguns are available to rent through the outfitter which can save you the trouble of having to travel with your firearm.

Red Stag:  Red Stage is on nearly every hunters bucket list. Similar to chasing rutted up screaming bull elk here in the Rocky Mountains, I was told the hunting the Red Stag roar is as addicting if not more addicting than elk hunting. Yes, the destination most people want to travel to hunt these beasts is NewZealand. if you don’t like long plane rides over the ocean, traveling to hunt Red Stag in South America is your next best option.

There are different estate and free range hunts available. I spoke with the owner of the Reserva La Colorada ( ), Dr. Patric Geijo, and his lodge is is located in Argentina, and it was interesting to hear how they let their breeding operations for their estate hunts benefit their wild free range hunting.

The owner told me the fences they keep their “breeder animals” in, are lower fenced and the animals can jump the fence if they want. These genetics have been mixing with their free range population for well over a decade now and the results of the free range hunt are astonishing. When speaking with him about this, he didn’t seem to mind the specific breeding animals getting loose. I can only image what some owners of big operations would think if their big animals became loose and started running wild.

For this reason, I put hunting Red Stag at Reserva La Colorada on my list of must do South American hunts.

In speaking with the different guides from South America, they shared the same passion for hunting we do here in North America. In addition to the wingshooting and Red Stag hunting, there are hunts available for water buffalo, fallow deer, the Pere David’s Deer and even Mountain Lions.

South America, the sleeper continent for excellent hunting adventures.

About Jason Reid:
Jason Reid is a writer and business professional from upstate New York. After deciding to pursue his dream of becoming an outdoor writer, Jason started a blog from his dorm room at Houghton College, growing it and working hard to earn opportunities. While bowhunting big game is his ultimate passion, Jason welcomes all outdoor challenges which force him to push his limits. Jason’s work can be viewed on his website