Utah Disappointed with Gunnison Sage-Grouse Decision

DWR director says federal decision will hamper ability to help the birds

TA decision to list the Gunnison sage-grouse as threatened might hurt the bird more than help it.
TA decision to list the Gunnison sage-grouse as threatened might hurt the bird more than help it.
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR)
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR)

Salt Lake City-(Ammoland.com)- A decision to list the Gunnison sage-grouse as threatened under the Endangered Species Act could hurt the bird more than help it, says the director of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

“Placing the bird under the oversight of the federal government will greatly reduce our ability to help the bird,” says Utah DWR Director Greg Sheehan.

Found mostly in southwestern Colorado, a small number of Gunnison sage-grouse also live in San Juan County in southeastern Utah. On Nov. 12, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that, despite years of work in both states, the bird warrants listing as a threatened species.

“Putting the bird under the management authority of the federal government will create roadblocks that will make it difficult to complete work to help the species,” he says.

For example, if the Utah DWR wants to partner with a landowner and a federal agency — to complete a habitat project to help the grouse — they can’t simply launch into the project and do the work. Instead, the project now has to go through a federal review process that Sheehan calls “tedious and time-consuming.”

Sheehan says work has been underway since 1996 to help Gunnison sage-grouse in San Juan County. Those efforts include the establishment of local working groups. The groups have brought landowners, local government officials, state and federal agencies, and universities together to work on cooperative research and habitat projects to help…

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This in no way has anything to do with OUR employees in the federal branch for wildlife oversight of the Endangered Species Act. As you’all suspect it’s un-elected federal employees overstepping their place again; to insinuate themselves into technical position to GRAB unjust authority over states and private American citizens; with a socialist agenda! THIS MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!! And across the board; WE the People must absolutely deal with these waaaay out of control fed. bureaucracies. It is now a fight to put in the right people in office that actually turn the federal govmint inside out = YOU must… Read more »


to put control of anything into federal hands is a major mistake. but the utah division of wild life is broken and corrupt. they’ve did more harm than good. for instance…they tore out miles and miles of pinion and juniper forests, there is no shelter or shade for wild life, we have had mild winters for 4 years now, when we get a normal winter, its gonna be devastating. they poison the lakes and streams constantly, and only kill good fish and the trash comes back. they have been trying to gain permission from the feds to poison the tributaries… Read more »

Dr. Strangelove

This was intended to hurt the oil industry, drilling and pumping are going to be listed as threats to the habitat, make no mistake about the true intent.