Virginia State Police – Nothing More than a Lobbying Arm For Anti-Gun Groups

Virginia State Police - Nothing More than a Lobbying Arm For Anti-Gun Groups
Virginia State Police – Nothing More than a Lobbying Arm For Anti-Gun Groups
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( The first time I saw the State Police lobbying for gun control was during the Kaine Administration, when the Colonel personally addressed the House Militia, Police, and Public Safety full committee in favor of a bill to close the non-existent “gun show loophole.”

There was no doubt then that Kaine had ordered the Colonel to do that and the Colonel had no choice in the matter.

During the McDonnell Administration, the State Police stayed neutral, only offering technical assistance to committee when asked for it. THAT is how it should be.

But with the McAuliffe Administration it is now worse than ever! On virtually every pro-gun bill, the State Police representative speaks against the bill and on every anti-gun bill the representative speaks for the bill.

Late last year, the State Police suddenly decided to reinterpret laws dealing with gun shows that would have put a massive burden on gun shows and would have taken away the privacy of gun show attendees.

Fortunately, after some push back, the State Police dropped that effort.

The State Police are not even close to being impartial any more. I understand that the State Police work for the Governor and has to do what they are told.

But the net effect is that now they are just another set of political hacks with an agenda.

I am NOT talking about the rank-and-file at all. They continue to do a great job enforcing laws and we rarely run into any negative issues with them.

I AM talking about the leadership of the State Police.

You’ll love this one: the current Administration is doubling-down and Delegate Gilbert called them out on it at Friday’s Militia, Police, and Public Safety committee hearing!

During the hearing, the State Police spoke against Delegate Ware’s bill that would honor all other CHPs and get our permits recognized by Georgia, New Hampshire, and Colorado.

No sooner had Governor McAuliffe’s state police spokesman sat down, then here comes a representative of the Virginia Public Safety and Homeland Security department. She says that her department agrees with the State Police.

At this point, Gilbert has had enough.

He asks the Public Safety rep, “Isn’t it true that your department TELLS the Virginia State Police what policies they will have?”

The rep looks confused and uncomfortable all of a sudden. She quietly says, “Yes.”

“So you order the State Police to take a position in front of the committee and then you come up here and say you are in agreement with the State Police, which means you are in agreement with your own position?”

The rep was clearly not very happy as she walked away from the podium.

When Gilbert is on his game, you really don’t want to be on the other side. 😉

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit:

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Barry S

I thought that the State POlice were supposed to work for the citizens, not corrupt politicians like McAuliffe?

If they think that they work for politicians and not the people they are just as guilty of corruption as he is.

john Carr

It’s not the duty of any police force to give anti gun speeches. It is their duty to to uphold our constitution and enforce the law as written. Any officer that goes beyond his duty should be dismissed.


Being retired as a law enforcement officer I used to watch the Administration in the departments back gun control for career advancement. I think if you poll the rank and file street cops they are not for what the administration is saying. Of course you are going to have some ladder climbers jumping on the bandwagon, the guys who work the street have no problem with armed citizens.


@Albbac2 I hope you are right and I am sure that a large portion of officers are 2nd amendment supporters and would side with gun owners but it seems to me that more and more officers are all too willing to accept a disarmed public without complaining or by voicing the answer that “they were just following orders,” especially in the larger cities. That concerns me because I always hoped that the police would be the first (along with the soldiers in the military) to jump to our support if the SRHTF. I pray that many more will than will… Read more »


We are seeing more and more cases of politicians using the bureaucracy not to support society but as a hammer to punish or control the citizens. The past misuses were covert and kept in the shadows but, this is no longer, the attacks are overt, out in the open and daring anyone to attempt to rein in the corruption. The non elected officials violate the constitution with impunity, daring the impatient court system to tell them no.