2nd Amendment Media Releases Grid-Down Survival Guide Series

First Aid Guide
First Aid Guide

2nd Amendment Media

Franklin, TN -(Ammoland.com)- In a grid-down situation, the world will be much different than the one we now know.

Natural disasters, economic crises, terrorist attacks, or any other situation causing a societal breakdown may occur at any time. In today’s world climate, it is important to be prepared for any and all possible disaster or grid-down situations.

In our Grid-Down Survival Guides, we will help you understand what you need and how to be prepared when society breaks down.

  • Grid-Down Survival Guide: First Aid – This guide introducing our series focuses on first aid and covers planning, gathering materials, and basic knowledge for managing and treating medical emergencies in a disaster scenario. Included in the book are product suggestions for your personal aid kit and individual trauma aid kit. We discuss methods of prevention, including sanitation plans and protective clothing. We offer information on treatment of burns, fractures, frostbite, seizures, and many illnesses. The book closes with a section on battlefield aid that covers care under fire, tactical field care, and combat casualty evacuation. Full of valuable information, this manual for basic first aid techniques features several scenarios that may likely arise in a grid-down situation.
Small Arms Guide
Small Arms Guide
  • Grid-Down Survival Guide: Small Arms – Grid-down situations make personal protection much more of an imperative than in everyday life. Our second guide covers different methods of self-protection, including firearms, knives, and tasers. We offer information on situational awareness and real world scenarios. Included in the book are suggestions for types of weapons that are best-suited for specific situations that can arise in a disaster scenario and even non-lethal weapons are featured. The last section discusses other practical gear you will need like holsters and flashlights. The goal of this book is to help you acquire the right types of weapons and gear to protect yourself and your family in a grid-down situation.
Home Defense Guide
Home Defense Guide
  • Grid-Down Survival Guide: Home Defense – The third installment of the series is dedicated to home defense. The first sections of this book provide useful and practical instruction for fortifying and protecting your castle. We discuss ways to make your home safer and less likely to be targeted, along with offering information about how to make it more difficult to penetrate. We explain inner and outer layers of defense and what weapons work for each. We also describe how to organize lookouts and watches with suggestions for alarms, barriers, and cameras that will help you defend your home. Every household needs this basic guide to formulating a security plan to use when society descends into chaos.
Urban Defense Guide
Urban Defense Guide
  • Grid-Down Survival Guide: Urban Defense – For Americans that live in heavily populated cities, prepping for a grid-down situation requires approaches tailored to that environment, and we deal with those approaches in our fourth guide. Since government agencies will be overwhelmed and unable to help everyone in need in a grid-down situation, it is extremely important for you to plan to take care of yourself and your loved ones on your own when disaster strikes. In this book, we help you identify environmental cues that will alert you early that problems are imminent. We cover setting up defenses, acquiring weapons, collecting water, and practicing situational awareness, so you can better your chances for survival in a natural disaster or attack. This book also covers extraction possibilities, map reading, and fallback locations and is a great place to start your preparations for grid-down survival in an urban area.

If you would like more information about our Grid-Down Survival Guide Series or 2nd Amendment Media, including upcoming titles, distribution opportunities, and retail outlets, please contact: www.whitman.com

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