Adaptive Tactical’s New EX Performance Forend and Stock for Mossberg & Remington

Advanced design and high-impact, polymer construction make the EX Performance Adjustable Stock the ideal choice when upgrading your Mossberg and Remington pump shotguns.

Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Forend and Stock
Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Forend and Stock on Shotgun
Adaptive Tactical Logo
Adaptive Tactical Logo

Nampa, Idaho (Ammoland) – Adaptive Tactical, LLC, manufacturers of innovative firearm stocks, magazines, conversion kits and accessories is proud to announce the release of its EX Performance Forend and M4-Style Stock for Mossberg & Remington Shotguns.

Created and optimized for pump shotguns, the progressive design featuring the high-impact, polymer construction of the EX Performance Adjustable Stock and Forend make it an ideal choice when upgrading your Mossberg 500 & 88, 590 or Remington 870 12-gauge pump shotgun. The EX Performance Forend features a two inch picatinny rail hidden under the nose cap. Once uncovered, it allows for the attaching of tactical accessories like lasers, lights, or whatever picatinny compatible accessories you prefer.

The EX Performance Adjustable M4-Style Stock with pistol grip includes an easy-to-reach rapid adjust lever for custom length-of-pull, giving the user better trigger control and performance capabilities. It also includes an integrated QD swivel attachment and molded-in non-rust standard sling swivel attachment for secure mounting to various sling systems. The durable polymer construction with non-slip vented rubber recoil pad allows for maximum recoil absorption. The oversized extra strength adjustment pin and sleek industrial design make this the perfect addition to your Remington and Mossberg pump shotguns.

The EX Performance stock set is available for the Remington 870 12 gauge and for the Mossberg 500, 88 & 590 series shotguns. A drop-in replacement AR Rear Stock (RAS) is also available for AR15/M4 carbines or other shotguns/rifles utilizing Mil-Spec sized extension tubes.

Adaptive Tactical Adjustable Stock and Forend
EX Performance Adjustable Stock and Forend


  • Designed for owner installation
  • Accessory rail concealed under forend nose cap
  • M4-style stock with pistol grip and adjustable length-of-pull
  • Integrated sling attachment points
  • Available in Black and popular Camo patterns
  • Compatible with Mossberg 500 & 88, 590 series pump shotguns
  • Compatible with Remington 870 12-gauge pump shotguns
  • Available in Black, A-TACS, MultiCam, or Desert Digital
  • MSRP: $119.99

Adaptive Tactical knows what their customers want and is continually striving to provide innovative, unique products for the range and at home.

For more information on Adaptive Tactical visit or “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram. For more information on Adaptive Graphx or StōnCamo, visit and

About Adaptive Tactical, LLC:

Adaptive Tactical’s design team, a proven leader in firearm stock and accessory innovation, leads the way in award winning recoil dampening shotgun and rifle stocks and accessories. Manufacturers of the popular Sidewinder Venom™ mag-fed shotgun system and ADTAC stock systems, Adaptive Tactical offers products focused on improving speed, performance and versatility for military, LE, defense, range and competition applications.

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Hey Notalima:
I want the stock but not the foregrip for my pistol grip Mossberg 500. What kind of Shotgun do you have? Maybe we could work this out between us?


Heya, Bert45.

In an email reply Adaptive indicated that they actually do sell the foregrip by itself. I would guess they probably sell the stock the same way, but neither are listed on their site that way.


Too bad it only comes as a kit. I’d like to buy the foregrip for the light mount, but I don’t want the M4 stock. Hey, Adaptive Tactical, I am sure there are quite a few folks like me that don’t want an M4 stock, but would really like your foregrip. price it at $50 and sell it by itself. Some of us prefer standard stocks.


Contacted Adaptive and they very quickly responded that they do offer the foregrip as a standalone product. I can’t find it listed on their website that way, but their reply indicated that it was $21.99 and it out of stock at the moment.