Launches New Gun Auction Site and Online Store Launches New Gun Auction Site and Online Store Launches New Gun Auction Site and Online Store

Phoenix, Arizona –-( recently launched as a new gun auction site, online sporting goods store, and discussion forum. features gun auctions, free classified advertisements, a retail store, and an open discussion forum. The site is an active place where members can exercise their right to free speech and conduct commerce in a secure, online environment.

A unique characteristic of is the spirited discussion. The site allows adults to engage in commerce, discussion, and disagreements without censorship, unless it involves threats, stalking, illegal, or inappropriate behavior.

Matthew McKinney, president of said, “We believe in the values promoted on our site and will work hard to make sure customers receive the best services available.”

According to Steve Walker, chief operating officer, “We want to connect buyers and sellers, and we also want to connect ideas. This is a place for politically correct and politically incorrect views to stand side-by-side in the theater of public discourse.”

“ is a national platform where readers can voice opinions on forums without moderators blocking postings. For a small fee, the site has a ‘premium’ section of the discussion forum of content and discussions that can’t be found anywhere else. We truly want to offer an open forum,” said McKinney.

“We want to engage readers and foster individual involvement. Because ultimately, an involved citizenry, not heavy government regulation, is the foundation for a strong government,” said Walker. “We also want to support the right to bear arms and help keep the firearms community strong and healthy in this country.”

Unlike many other major auction sites, charges only a small flat fee to post an ad, not a commission on sales. When an item sells, there is no final value fee. The basic listing price for any gun is $7.95. Buyers pay a one-dollar verification fee to protect members. Additionally, basic classified listings are 100% free and have the option to be upgraded with add-on features for a small fee. Also, is the only auction site offering a YouTube feature which allows sellers to create their own commercials or demonstration, and embed the full YouTube video into their listings.

According to Walker, “Our pricing is economical and fair. Whether you sell a used Glock or a collectible $20,000 shotgun, you pay only one $7.95 listing fee. We even allow off-site deals, which is generally unheard of on most other gun auction sites. With such a nominal listing fee, you’ll see more listings. Buyers will be able to find a wider range of firearms and merchandise available for sale. This is a place to look for the common and the uncommon.” has aligned with gun-friendly partners. The website is using Merchant Services LTD and Durango Direct for credit card processing. Additionally, offers a new payment alternative, PistolPay. PistolPay is similar to PayPal except it is firearm friendly and buyers do not have to release personal information to the sellers.

“We advocate supporting like-minded organizations and encourage using our gun-friendly affiliates when doing business,” states McKinney. “As a way to give back to the gun community and to support the Second Amendment, has a benevolent fund and issues a regular newsletter.”

“There should be something new every day at,” said Walker. “It’s a place to visit and see what’s different.”

The website is live at

About is a gun auction website and online store for firearms, related products, and other outdoor merchandise. also serves as open, national forum that encourages lively debate among adults on any topic. For more information, visit