Arsenal Firearms Official Supplier of the New OO7 Movie ‘SPECTRE’

Arsenal Firearms AF2011 Dueller Prismatic
Arsenal Firearms AF2011 Dueller Prismatic
Arsenal Firearms
Arsenal Firearms

Middletown, CT –-( With great pleasure Arsenal Firearms can finally and officially announce that our brand new product – the AF2011 Dueller Prismatic – was selected some months ago to be one of the key weapons featured in the new James Bond movie “Spectre“, due to be released globally in November this year, 2015.

Arsenal Firearms Official Supplier of the New OO7 Movie 'SPECTRE'
Arsenal Firearms Official Supplier of the New OO7 Movie ‘SPECTRE'


Arsenal Firearms supplied 5 stainless pistols to the James Bond production team in fall last year, to take part in various contemporary locations shootings.

The guns, originally fully functioning and chambered in .45 ACP, have been modified to shoot special movie-blank rounds.

The technical challenge was quite demanding, as for the first time the movie industry specific adaptation team had to assess the functionality with a double barrel semiautomatic pistol.

This high profile movie participation of the exclusive double barrel pistol will set a whole new standard for Hollywood and global movie making, when action-packed scenes are required, unique effects and breath-taking, never seen operations are to be expected.

More pictures and a short clip of the making of Spectre can be see at the official James Bond website by clicking the link below:

For more high-resolution, real life shooting of the AF2011 Dueller Prismatic, see the video next:

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  • 12 thoughts on “Arsenal Firearms Official Supplier of the New OO7 Movie ‘SPECTRE’

    1. As a collector I like it. I love the 1911 platform. Some of the comments while they can have their opinion miss the aspect of pushing the envelope, advancing design by trying new ideas. I would buy it

      1. Well,

        I just recently got into 1911’s I have a ed brown & a nighthawk custom. But I saw this dueller. I bought it I have it on order right now paid in full. I also added a trigger job & custom $750 grips $Total $$9000.00$$ I can’t friggin wait. Also its a one of kind gun. Its going to be in a movie. I would say it will be a true collectors item.

    2. That’s the most RIDICULOUS GUN I’VE EVER SEEN, AND THE PRICE IS INSANE!! But what’s even more insane is the fact that there will be people who WILL buy it!! Like the guy in the video said, “Just Because”!! Because they can, and because they’re idiots!!

      1. I don’t get the purpose of this gun. As it stands, the 1911 usually holds about 8 rounds, half of most 9mm’s. So you send twice as many rounds to your target when one should do the job. It’s not like they split in a divergent track so you can hit two targets standing next to each other, besides, that just Hollywood trickery. You send two rounds, depleting your supply much quicker. If you’re already packing half the ammo of your 9mm brethren, why go through what you’ve got twice as fast? A double tap now becomes a quadruple tap…really? Oh, wait, now I get it. One shot IS the double tap! Clever…but what if you don’t need a double tap, say like, shooting out a lock or something. Do you move the gun slightly to the left or right so that only one bullet hits the target? I don’t know, it still seems to me to be pointless.

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