As Expected Media Gets The Facts WRONG on Campus Carry

Criminals For Gun Free Schools Campus Carry
Criminals For Gun Free Schools Campus Carry
Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

Texas –-( I wish to clear up a few so called “facts” about campus carry that are consistently misreported by the media:

  1. Several editorialists and journalists have reported that a recent poll by the Texas Police Chiefs Association found 75% of Texas police chiefs opposed to campus carry. In reality, this poll asked only about OPEN carry and did not ask about campus carry:
  1. Several editorialists and journalists have reported that Texas A&M University currently allows campus carry; however, this is not true:
  1. Several editorialists and journalists have repeated opponents’ claim that most Texans oppose campus carry; however, the most recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll found 47% of Texas voters in support of campus carry and 45% opposed to it:

The basis for the claim that most Texans oppose campus carry is a highly biased poll conducted by the gun-control organizations Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. The discrepancy between the findings of the UT/Texas Tribune poll and the Everytown/MDA poll is likely do, at least in part, to the fact that the questions asked by the Everytown/MDA poll do not accurately reflect the statutory changes that would result from the passage of Texas Senate Bill 11.

Here are three quick examples:

“Do you think college students should be allowed to carry concealed handguns on college campuses?”

This question contains no mention of licensing or age restrictions and does not differentiate between concealed carry and open carry. There is a big difference between allowing all 51,000 students at the University of Texas-Austin to carry handguns in any manner they choose and allowing concealed carry by the approximately 400 who are over the age of 21 and licensed to carry a concealed handgun.

“Do you think people should be allowed to carry concealed handguns at college football games and other sporting events?”

Neither SB 11 nor HB 937 would allow concealed carry at collegiate sporting events.

“Do you think guns should be allowed in college fraternity and sorority houses?”

Neither SB 11 nor HB 937 would change the laws at fraternity or sorority houses (which are located off-campus and owned/governed by the overseeing fraternal organizations).

I hope this helps the misinformed media and readers more accurately understand on efforts to legalize the licensed concealed carry of handguns on Texas college campuses. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

As always, a basic overview of SCC’s case for the legalization of campus carry can be found in our 2015 Texas legislative handout:



Madison D. Welch
Southwest Regional Director
Students for Concealed Carry

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billy dildioni


C.G. Green

1) U.S. vs. College Crime Rates / 100,000   (year 2000) Murder  US overall — 5.7  US campus — 0.13    Forcible Rape  US overall — 32.0  US campus — 12.4    Robbery  US overall — 144.9  US campus — 12.9    Aggravated Assault  US overall — 323.6  US campus — 24.3  2) There have been at least 10 accidental shootings by permitted concealed gun carriers on campuses (and zero active shooters, robbers, or rapists stopped). Six of ten woundings from these incidents happened in the three states with mandatory campus carry (Idaho, Utah, Colorado). Google any headline for the story:… Read more »

C.G. Green

Forget the polling garbage. Here are the pertinent facts: 1) Campuses are among the safest places in America, with violent crime rates a tiny fraction of the country as a whole. 2) You are far more likely to shoot yourself (accidentally or on purpose) than to ever shoot a bad guy. 3) You have no constitutional right to bring a gun anywhere you want, especially at a school. Proof? Both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison banned guns from the University of Virginia campus. I’m pretty sure Madison knew how the Second Amendment applied in this situation, since he was the… Read more »


“C.G. Green”: Aparrently, you forgot to use your brain, thus spouting useless garbage, bud. Here are the pertinent facts: 1) Campuses experience robberies, assaults, rapes, and other violent crimes like anywhere else. Try telling the victims of these crimes, and the mass-shootings on campuses that “Gun-Free Zones” disarm anyone other than the victims. Toothless, unenforceable, warm-and-fuzzy-feeling, stupid law that criminals love. I’m sick of being a sitting duck for ciminals that won’t be deterred by anything less than a secured perimeter and random searches (DUH – what do they do at the airport?!) 2) BULLSHEET – look at the statistics,… Read more »


Excellent presentation of the facts. Keep pushing it in all social media.