BATFE Head Has Banning All Rifle Ammo In His Sights

ATF Director Appointee, B. Todd Jones
ATF Director, B. Todd Jones Has Banning All Rifle Ammo In His Sights
Grass Roots North Carolina
Grass Roots North Carolina

North Carolina –-(  Fortunately, a groundswell of critical feedback from gun rights supporters like you has halted the Obama administration’s effort to ban M855 ammunition.

That’s the good news. Unfortunately, there is also some bad news.

According to his own statements, it appears that BATFE Director B. Todd Jones never intended to limit the ban to M855 ammunition. The Obama appointee had instead intended to use M855 as a ramp-up to a broader ammunition ban, and ultimately ban all types of 5.56 ammo!

Note that “Officer Safety” was the stated pretense for the M855 ammo ban. With that in mind, read what Jones recently said in a Senate Appropriations hearing, as reported by the Washington Examiner:

“Any 5.56 round” is “a challenge for officer safety.”

Jones also asked lawmakers to help in a review of the 1986 bill written to protect police officers from ostensible “cop killer” [that never killed a cop] ammunition like the 5.56, implying that the law should be amended so that it no longer exempts this common rifle ammunition.

What’s worse is that Jones sent strong signals that the administration is not finished with their ammo ban efforts. For now, the BATFE’s head paper-shuffler has been forced to withdraw his effort to circumvent Congress, ignore the Bill of Rights, and use bureaucratic edict to ban common rifle ammunition. However, this is only a tactical retreat, not a surrender. Jones also stated that they will suspend rewriting the framework used to exempt armor piercing ammo for sale or use (emphasis added). And:

“It probably isn’t going to happen any time soon.”

The intent is clear. Jones, under the direction of President Obama, will continue to probe for opportunities to push ammo bans in the future. In fact, as the BATFE strategically backs away from this power grab, there is suddenly a brand new push by Congressional gun-grabbers to ban this very same ammunition.

Here is What Americans Get for the Price of Director Jones’ Salary:

  • An unelected bureaucrat who works to reclassify common rifle ammunition as “armor piercing” in order to ban its use, establishing “backdoor” gun control.
  • A deceitful effort to use one ammo ban to sneak by the American people a comprehensive ammunition ban, which would have rendered countless commonly owned rifles entirely useless.
  • Clear signals that we haven’t seen the last of this administration’s effort to disarm the American citizen by any method they can dream up.

Director Jones Must Resign!
For these reasons, Obama’s hand-picked BATFE Director must go! Any public servant who would attempt to bypass Congress, ignore the Second Amendment, and write his own decrees, is not fit to serve the American people. Below, see how you can easily contact North Carolina’s Congressional Delegation, and insist that they contact the administration to demand the resignation of Director Jones.



  • Insist that they contact the administration immediately to officially demand the resignation of BATFE Director Jones.
  • Insist that your representatives confirm with you that they have demanded Jones’ resignation.
  • Use the contact links provided below, and the copy/paste text under ‘Deliver this Message.’

(Or go to:


Every one contact Your US Representatives here:

Contact Links for Both of North Carolina’s US Senators:

Send a message to both of your Senators:
Senator Richard Burr:
Senator Thom Tillis:

Contact Links for North Carolina’s US Congressmen:

(Click Here to find your Representative or go to:

Send a message to your NC Congressman:

  • Rep. George (G.K.) Butterfield (1st):
  • Rep. Renee Ellmers (2nd):
  • Rep. Walter Jones Jr. (3rd):
  • Rep. David Price (4th):
  • Rep. Virginia Foxx (5th):
  • Rep. Mark Walker (6th):
  • Rep. David Rouzer (7th):
  • Rep. Richard Hudson (8th):
  • Rep. Robert Pittenger (9th):
  • Rep. Patrick McHenry (10th):
  • Rep. Mark Meadows (11th):
  • Rep. Alma Adams (12th):
  • Rep. George Holding (13th):


Suggested Subject: “BATFE Director Jones Must Resign”

Dear Senators and Representatives:

Although I am relieved to hear that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) has backed away from its threat to ban common M855 rifle ammunition, I remain outraged that an appointed public servant would even attempt such a power-grab.

BATFE Director B. Todd Jones has no authority to circumvent the people’s representatives in Congress, nor does he have the authority to ignore the Second Amendment, and ban anything by bureaucratic decree. Yet Jones, under the direction of President Obama, has attempted to do just that.

Additionally, during a recent Senate Appropriations hearing, Director Jones indicated that the administration’s attempts at backdoor gun control are not over, and he even signaled that the bans they will be attempting will cover all types of common 5.56 rifle ammunition, not only M855. Clearly, the ammunition ban initially being discussed, which is quite ominous on its own, was only intended to be a “foot in the door.”

Any public servant who would so flippantly reveal this level of disrespect for our legislative process, and for the Second Amendment, is demonstrating true contempt for the citizens of this country—gun owners and otherwise. Director Jones is not fit to serve, and in fact, his actions and words have revealed attitudes that are threatening to a free people.

For these reasons, I insist that you:

Immediately contact the President and ask that he demand Director Jones’ resignation.
Contact me to confirm that you have followed up on asking the President to remove Jones as Director of the BATFE.

I’ll be closely monitoring your actions regarding this issue via alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.


About:Grass Roots North Carolina is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the freedoms guaranteed us by the Bill of Rights. Our main focus is the right to keep and bear arms. GRNC was central to drafting and passing North Carolina’s concealed handgun law and since that time has continued to push for improvements to gun laws.

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Saying ‘Goodbye’ in advance to Mr. Holder and Mr. Jones. If we don’t hear from you in the future, ‘So What’!


If this man is successful in getting this ban on ammo through he will never ever be able to appear in public, leave his home or office unless he takes extraordinary precautions for his personal safety . This is because of the law of unintended consequences as a result of his actions as ATF director.

Smooth is Fast

I think the site you are looking for is called , stormfront .


JONES must be fired
if he resigns he will get his big FAT pension


Unfortunately, he will still get his un-earned pension either way.


Time for all Democrats and RINO’s to be voted out or recalled. Additionally all Obama’s appointees should be tared, feathered, and rode out of town on a rail, especially the jackass who heads up the ATF.


When will anyone state that the folks in Obama’s regime are racists. You do not have to be white to be a racist as has been demonstrated for thousands of years. And of course and let’s be honest the socialists and the communists in this regime MUST get the guns out of citizen’s hands.


Fact is, no level of government anywhere in the World has the LEGITIMATE power/authority to ban ANY weapons or ammo – ESPECIALLY if they were intended for military utility. Especially dangerous weapons such as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical not suitable for defensive or other lawful purposes excepted. Everything else from fully automatic ASSAULT RIFLES to Fighter Aircraft and fully armed Ships of War are the birthright of every person on Earth (The Declaration of Independence says, “All men (meaning mankind) are created equal and endowed …” The above statement is PARTICULARLY TRUE and ACCURATE on American soil because our RKBA… Read more »


Ferguson dropped off the “wires” because the Shoota’ was from that hood, and his excuse was that he “didn’t intend to shoot the cops-I was just firing at someone else because of an argument! Piss-poor aim, and a damned lousy excuse; but it will garner him full absolution if the community makes a stink. This clown heads a department that is firmly nestled in bed with the Holder Regime, and will use any form of subversion to advance the Obamanation motives. “Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States, against All Enemies, both Foreign and DOMESTIC! So Help us… Read more »


Another black man who has a hard on towards responsible gun owners.

Got Freedom ?

Resignation of Director / ATF is not good enough ! The entire agency MUST GO ! How many more dead at their hands ?
Bang – The – Drum ; Keep Calling Congress-critters / Abolish these thugs – H.R. 1329 ( The SILVER Bullet )

Ten Bears

Aint it amazing how fast Ferguson dropped off the news , when the narrative doesn’t fit.


Contact ALL Senators & Reps. from every State with this DEMAND. I have asked my Rep. to support H.R. 1329, to abolish the criminal a t f .

the drake

YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME!!!!!! I don’t know who is more tenaciously stupid the Taliban or liberals
.All the gun and bullet grabbing vermin need to get booted out of office


Both being equally stupid, the difference between the Taliban and a liberal is that the liberal, being a coward by nature will not put his life in danger for any cause.


STFU, Stupid duck! 😛