Blake Shelton and Guy Fieri Spend Time Turkey Hunting on Sportsman Channel

Special Episode of Avian-X Featuring Blake Shelton and Guy Fieri
Part of Sportsman Channel’s Annual “Talkin’ Turkey” Series Block

Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, Wis. –( What do Guy Fieri and Blake Shelton have in common? It is their love of turkey hunting (and eating them). Watch a special episode of Avian-X TV featuring Fieri and Shelton spending time clucking, gobbling and cooking up turkey on Shelton’s ranch on March 7 at 7 p.m. ET.

This special Avian-X TV episode is part of Sportsman Channel’s overall series block Talkin’ Turkey presented by Avian-X, which begins at 4 p.m. ET on March 7 with non-stop turkey action.

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Talkin’ Turkey

The Avian-X cameras go inside Shelton’s annual Oklahoma Turkey Camp, which according to Shelton, is his tenth annual hunting trip with Matt Morrett, co-host of Avian-X TV. But this time, Shelton also invited Food Network star and renowned chef, Guy Fieri, to join their flock.

“Everybody comes to camp with their own responsibilities and skill set. My skill set is I can cook – and yes, I had to cook, as there was no food here. I wasn’t sure what Blake intended for us to eat, but I have to feed the boys as we have to be up early tomorrow,” said Fieri.

“I’ve been a fan of Guy Fieri for a long time and having him in camp and eating his food was just unbelievable,” said Fred Zink, owner of Zink’s Calls and co-host of Avian-X TV. “He and Blake decided to have a turkey hunting competition so I paired up with Blake, which I think gave us the home field advantage and we don’t have to camouflage frosted, yellow hair like the other team did.”

Everyone gets a chance at the wary birds during the hour-long episode, but the truly unique time was between Shelton and Morrett as they headed out for their annual hunt. “No doubt in my mind that Morrett is a world champion turkey hunter. He’s a woodsman….and a master at calling in jakes…,” said Shelton with a smile.

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Talkin’ Turkey presented by Avian-X schedule is as follows:

March 7

4 p.m. – Hillside Thunder Longbeards – Grand National Calling Champion Hunter Wallis and Champion Caller Josh Grossenbacher find themselves in the middle of the action in Pennsylvania and New York.

5 p.m. – The Buckeye Beatdown – Watch the spring turkey woods evolve in northeast Ohio as Gunar Zink and Brian Buurma start the season chasing early season longbeards.

6 p.m. – Longhorn Longbeards – Fred Zink is in the Longhorn State spending time in the turkey woods at the Mossy Oak Rio Round Up.

7 p.m. – Neon Light Longbeards – Welcome back to Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma Turkey Camp, where there is 100 percent chance of good times, lots of laughs and guaranteed #FLOPPAGE.

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