Bobwhite Project Underway at Pea Ridge National Military Park, Arkansas

Bobwhite Project Underway at Pea Ridge National Military Park, Arkansas
Bobwhite Project Underway at Pea Ridge National Military Park, Arkansas
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

Pea Ridge, Ark. -( are underway at Pea Ridge National Military Park in northwest Arkansas to rebuild habitat for bobwhite quail, a highly popular bird that has suffered from declining habitat nationwide.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, National Park Service and the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative are collaborating to establish the nation’s first NBCI Bobwhite Focal Area on National Park Service land.
NBCI is a national effort by 25 state wildlife agencies to restore bobwhite quail whose populations—and those of other grasslands wildlife species—have plummeted over the past decades because of habitat decline. NBCI is working to establish large-scale focal areas where habitat and the birds—can be restored to demonstrate that recovery of bobwhites and other grassland songbirds and wildlife is possible given proper habitat management at the proper scale.
The plan is to establish a large, healthy resident population of bobwhites that can be a source population that will expand to neighboring properties if the habitat is there. The three partners will also work cooperatively on the development of interpretive and educational materials. Pea Ridge will serve as a location for public education and outreach.
“The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is delighted to share in this opportunity to restore and enhance habitat that is beneficial to bobwhite quail, as well as other grassland species,” said Steven Fowler, assistant chief of the AGFC’s Wildlife Management Division. “Pea Ridge presents a very visible, high-profile location where visitors can learn about history and also observe quail and other wildlife thriving as a result of proper and focused wildlife management practices.”
Park Superintendent Kevin Eads said, “This partnership is an excellent opportunity for Pea Ridge to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of both of these outstanding organizations. It will promote large landscape conservation, and will support, protect, and provide for the restoration and preservation of our cultural landscape. As we approach our National Park Service centennial, this is an excellent time to work with our partners on restoring the bobwhite habitat.
“Rural agricultural settings in this area were bobwhite habitat,” said NBCI Director Don McKenzie. “The park has already recorded some bobwhite response from its vegetation management work and has chosen the bobwhite as an ‘indicator’ species to help measure their success. That the NPS is willing to work with us to achieve mutual goals is a huge step for the restoration of wild bobwhite populations along with other grassland songbirds and wildlife species in Arkansas and possibly other states in the future.
“It’s also an unparalleled opportunity to reach the public with the story about what has happened to not only bobwhites but also other grasslands wildlife species in this country and why. We hope this is just a first step in working with the National Park Service wherever we have mutual objectives.”
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Jess Mashburn

Need info on who to contact to get our farm going down the right road to help with this cause.
Thanks ,
JT Mashburn

Thomas Fowler

I would like to know how we could help the habitat on our farm…much of it is fallow and wooded. I would like for Steve Fowler of this article to reply, if that is at all possible…

Thos. B. Fowler