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As we accurately predicted three years ago, the spectre of a coalition government has reared its ugly head in the pre-election run-up.

Just a few short days ago, Official Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair stated, “We’ve always said we’re ready to work with other parties. We’re a progressive party. We want to get results.” Referring to the then-Liberal leader, “We even were willing to make Stéphane Dion Prime Minister of Canada.” He continued, “It’s the type of water we were willing to put in our wine.”

An NDP insider stated that it’s a strategy designed to woo voters who think they need to vote Liberal in order to avoid another Stephen Harper Conservative government. The message is designed to make potential New Democratic voters more comfortable with the idea of casting a ballot for the NDP, the adviser explained. Got that? Vote NDP – get the Liberals.

Let’s cut through the political bafflegab and take a hard look at the reality of this seemingly magnanimous statement. What he really means: We want power and we are willing to chuck our principles, and those of our party members, in order to get it. Our lust for power is so great we were even willing to make Stéphane Dion the Prime Minister in order to satisfy the demons.

No doubt a few folks will wail, “NO, NO, Mulcair just wants to work cooperatively.” Really? Are the NDP and Liberal parties so similar that either will sacrifice any political ideology by merging? If so, why don’t they merge now and get elected legitimately?

The answer is obvious. The Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party are different animals, with different aims and goals. Ask any supporter and they’ll happily tell you the differences.

So why Mulcair’s bid for a coalition? It’s simple really: it’s “power at any price.”

Why does this matter to the firearms owners of Canada? If an unholy coalition is formed between parties of different ideologies and principles, the only items the coalition can move forward on without endangering the alliance are items of mutual agreement. Like gun control for instance? How about handgun and black rifle bans? That could work for them. The NDP only has a couple of MPs that would resist tossing gun owners under the proverbial campaign bus, and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has stated that although his party will not bring back the long-gun registry, he has never denied his party will accomplish its gun control goals through selective bans and restrictions.

Guess what that means in either of Canada’s official languages?

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