Upland Hunting Group Proposes Creation of Federal Upland Stamp

Federal Upland Stamp
Federal Upland Stamp
Ultimate Upland
Ultimate Upland

Cleveland, O.H. –-(Ammoland.com)- Ultimate Upland founder Brian Koch partnered with author and outdoor columnist Christine Cunningham to introduce a petition for the first federal stamp for upland habitat conservation.

Koch and Cunningham co-authored the article, “It’s Time for The Federal Upland Stamp”, to voice concerns regarding the declining upland bird habitat in the United States and create an opportunity to highlight the cultural value of upland game species to broader audiences.

“For the last century hunters have been a leading force in conservation,” said Koch. “The goal of the Federal Upland Stamp is to build a new program to reverse the losses of upland habitat and the resulting negative impacts to the numerous species of wildlife that exist in those spaces. We believe bird hunters should take charge of a new conservation measure that places an emphasis on stewardship.”

The petition will survey wildlife enthusiasts regarding proposed stamp costs and how to utilize funds generated by an upland stamp managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Following the petition, Koch and Cunningham plan to work with federal agencies, members of U.S. Congress, and conservation organizations to begin conversations on shaping the proposed Federal Upland Stamp and the future of upland habitat conservation.

“When we talk about the most serious threats to hunting today, the most critical issue hunters’ face is loss of habitat,” said Cunningham. “Grassland bird species have suffered steep declines over the last 50 years. Recent listings and the nationwide scope of the problem make conservation a priority. An upland stamp does not just provide funds toward conservation, it will highlight the value of upland birds to a wider audience.”

Ultimate Upland is the first organization to support the Federal Upland Stamp. Fellow bird hunter, Christine Cunningham, brings her commitment to conservation and passion for creating opportunities for women hunters to become more involved in the hunting community.

To read the full article click here or to learn more about the Federal Upland Stamp and to sign the petition, visit uplandstamp.org or go to Ultimate Upland’s Facebook page for updates.

Ultimate Upland
Ultimate Upland was founded in 2010 to be the most comprehensive resource for upland hunting enthusiasts. Since then it has grown into a community where bird hunters congregate and share their love for the sport. The website captures a detailed panorama of real wild bird hunting from all over the country with stories and photos from the field. Ultimate Upland promotes common sense hunting, ethics and fair chase and demonstrates that hunting opportunity is earned through dedication, experience and hard work. The upland hunting community carries a wide range of experience and knowledge and must continue to lead the conversation on conservation issues. www.ultimateupland.com

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NO, it’s not time for a federal upland stamp, for at least 3 reasons. 1- As these birds aren’t migratory, it’ll only set precedence for federal over-reach to impinge on state’s rights. 2 – There is already monies (Pittman Robertson, state taxes, state licenses, etc.) out there for individual states to use for conservation as the individual state DNR’s see most pressing. If there’s a shortage of habitat, etc. in YOUR state, then YOU need to get YOUR sportsmen involved with YOUR state’s DNR, YOUR state legislature, YOUR local zoning boards; there’s no reason for sportsmen from states without upland… Read more »