Domino’s Gun Ban Victims Pile Up: Delivery Driver Shot, Killed in New Orleans

By AWR Hawkins

Domino’s Pizza Gun Ban
Domino’s Gun Ban Victims Pile Up: Delivery Driver Shot, Killed in New Orleans
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Early Tuesday morning, another Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was shot and killed in New Orleans 9th Ward.

Breitbart News has previously reported that Domino’s Pizza bars their drivers from keeping guns with them for self-defense. Sadly, this does not stop armed attackers from preying on the unarmed drivers.

On February 11, I reported at least eight Domino’s Pizza drivers had been shot since January 2012, and three of them died. Now we add the driver killed on March 24 to the list, along with another Domino’s driver who was shot and killed in New Orleans’ Mid-City six months ago.

The Times-Picayune reported on both the New Orleans murders, indicating charges have been filed against those suspected of killing the Mid-City driver.

In addition to the murders of Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers, unarmed female drivers face the threat of rape and other forms of sexual assault. On Sunday, February 8 2015, a female Domino’s Pizza driver was raped and robbed in broad daylight during a pizza delivery in Antioch, California.

After the rape and robbery, Domino’s Pizza spokesman Tim McIntyre said company executives were “shocked and horrified by what happened.” He said the company “couldn’t conceive of something like this happening, especially on [a] Sunday.”

With so many unarmed drivers being shot and killed in the last two years, how can McIntyre or company executives continue to be “shocked?” Their anti-gun policy forces unarmed drivers to carry cash and product into a dangerous world where criminals prey on those incapable of defending themselves.

As Breitbart News reported on February 11 2015, Domino’s gun-ban-by-corporate-fiat model is costing Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers their lives, their dignity, and their peace of mind. It’s time for the company to amend the policy so as to allow drivers with concealed carry permits to keep a gun with them for self-defense.

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  • 14 thoughts on “Domino’s Gun Ban Victims Pile Up: Delivery Driver Shot, Killed in New Orleans

    1. I deliver pizza and I am lucky that my boss allows me to carry. All of the major chains deny their drivers the right to defend themselves. The lawyers have decided it’s easier and cheaper to pay off the family of a dead driver than to have a driver defend themselves.

    2. I used to be a Pinkerton Detective. On most assignments I wasn’t told before hand what the assignment was – only where and when to show up and whether or not it was an unarmed assignment. On numerous occasions when I showed up unarmed as instructed, I found I was put in a dangerous situation without proper equipment. I think the company sacrificed the safety of its people over insurance or liablity concerns. I doubt it’s gotten any better in the decades since then.

    3. I worked for Domino’s Pizza from 1983 to 2002, at various locations. Having a gun handy means Absolutely Nothing. When you get to the customer’s door, you never know weather or not their going to greet you with Cash or a Gun. I’ve robbed 4 times, in each case I was struck from behind by a heavy object. When I came to, the Perp was gone and so was my money. New Year Eve, is the worst, I was shot at by a Drunk with a High Powered Rifle. Having a hand gun, wouldn’t have helped me at all. Halloween is also a Nightmare, because anyone it costume could be someone trying to do you harm. Unfortunately it come with the job, if people want to do you harm, the’ll do you harm. Having a gun handy isn’t going to change that, and possibly make it even worse. By accidentally killing someone, who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    4. When I worked their when I was in college…I always carried a weapon. They never knew and I only had to pull it once. Better than being dead.

    5. This is one reason why I will not apply for a job as a Delivery Driver or in any type of One Stop Shop like 7/11, Am Pm, or a Q-Trip. They also have no gun policies as well. These types of jobs are just to dangerous to have unless you can be armed for your own protection. And I guess that Dominos will have to have law suits filled against them by the family members for the deaths of their employees to maybe force them to change their policies to allow their drivers to start carrying for their protection is they do have a permit to carry. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    6. For what it’s worth, Domino’s will never see a single cent from me solely because they force their employees to be defenseless in the face of known & recorded threats to their safety & their lives.

    7. If I were employed as a pizza delivery man I would CCW anyway. I would have the proper registration and training regardless of my rules of employment. To do that job and not CCW is just plain stupid. I would be prepared to be fired if I had to use my firearm in self defense. At least I would still be alive. And while moving on I would be laughing at my former employers for their stupidity while filing a law suit against them,

    8. A weapon may not be the answer 100% of the time but it gives the drivcer a chance he or she didn’t have. Pizza drivers should strike until they have the option of carrying. The assholes who make these rules are not out there on the mean streets delivering pizzas so they don’t care about their drivers. years ago I delivered pizza & in spite of the rule I carried & it saved my bacon on one occasion.
      Wake up drivers it is your life and safety at stake Don’t let the morons get you killed over a little $$

    9. This is what we should be fighting in court. Apparently insurance and liability is less if companies deny their employees the right to carry. Laws need crafting that take such an incentive away. Insurance expense should be less, not more if employees can carry, laws in the court should favor self defense, not the criminal.

    10. I will never order dominoes or anything affiliated with them again. The executives of that company are horrible people. Their ignorant policy doesn’t even give their employees a chance to defend themselves.

    11. I see the comment about the drivers carrying. Your right about if the attacker already has gun drawn. But remember the drivers are sitting ducks right now. The criminals know that the drivers are unarmed. If the policy was changed then the robber has to decide if it’s worth the risk.

    12. While I agree that any abuse is to much, Is carrying a concealed weapon the answer ?
      I am in no way against the 2 amendment . But I myself got robbed and car jacked while deloiving food. (It was not Domino’s) @ men approshed me with guns robbed me and took my car. so even If I had a weapon there is no good way to draw if you have a gun pointed at you. I really don’t have an answer other than sending out out 2 people to each deliver. But that would mean hireing twice as many drivers and you would have to split the tips. Most people that take those kind of jobs depend on the tips and there are some people that don’t tip at all.
      With the gas prices so high the the company raises the delivery charge so they can compensate the drivers for useing thier car. a lot of people think that since the drive gets “gas monsy” why would I tip The drive DOES NOT get the whole delivery charge.
      Ok I’ll get off my soap box now

    13. Domino’s should be sued.They are assisting in the deaths of these drivers by not allowing them to use the 2nd Amendment Rights.

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