Drive Deer Crazy with Deer Cane Mineral Attractants

Deer Cane & the Original Deer Co Cain
Deer Cane & the Original Deer Co Cain
Evolved Harvest
Evolved Harvest

Columbus, GA -( When attracting deer to a site is the goal, whether it’s a trail-camera setup or to a hunting area, hunters know the go-to product is Deer Cane.

Deer Cane, and the original Deer Co-Cain, produced by industry leader Evolved Habitats, are habit-forming attractants that drive deer crazy and also provide beneficial minerals. The highly active minerals react with moisture to release vapors that deer can smell from great distances. That scent draws deer to the supplement site, and once they get a taste, they will keep coming back.

This is the original mineral attractant that quickly had hunters talking about holes deer were creating from pawing at mineral sites. Deer Cane and Deer Co-Cain are available in a 6.5-pound bag of concentrate mix, a 1-gallon liquid jug and a 4-pound block. All contain the irresistible mineral mixture from Evolved Habitats that will have deer will licking, pawing and literally gnawing at the soil to get the nutrients they crave.

Deer Cane Apple and Deer Cane Sack Attack are the next evolution in mineral attractants from Evolved Habitats. Apple flavoring and UV enhancement put Deer Cane Apple in its own new level of attractant. Apple flavoring enhances the already attractive draw of Deer Cane, and UV technology makes this attractant visible to deer.

Even if the wind is wrong and a deer can’t smell Deer Cane Apple, they see the UV enhancement and come to investigate. Deer Cane Apple is available in a 5-pound bad of concentrate mix and a ready-to-hunt (RTH) spray bottle.

Deer Cane Sack Attack is a time-release mineral attractant that simultaneously emits both a vapor trail and a mineral drip. Simply fill the burlap sack with the included contents, wet it down and hang it from a branch. The Deer Cane Sack Attack will create an irresistible, must-stop mineral site for all of the deer in your area.

Since 1992, Evolved Habitats has helped attract, pattern and hold deer and other wildlife with legendary products that provide nutrients necessary for maximum antler growth and reproductive success. Evolved Habitats produces more than 50 products tailored to both the average sportsman and the professional land manager.

Evolved products can be used with confidence and will bring the results you expect from a premium brand. Evolved wildlife products utilize the best ingredients and undergo rigorous testing to ensure hunters end up with a quality, nutrient-filled and effective product to make the most of any hunt. If you are looking to attract, supplement and increase the size and health of your deer herd, Evolved Habitats has the products for you.

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