Everytown Says Fight Campus Rapist With Backpacks, Not Scary Guns

By AWR Hawkins

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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- Michael Bloomberg-funded gun control groups Everytown for Gun Control and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America are currently running a television ad against Campus Carry which says, “Backpacks and bullets don’t mix.”

The ad is part of their larger push to derail GOP efforts to pass Campus Carry so college women can be armed to fight off sexual assault on campuses in Florida.

According to the Bradenton Herald, Everytown and Moms Demand Action are adamantly opposed to HB 4005/SB 176, which is sponsored by representative Greg Steube (R-Sarasota). The legislation would allow women with concealed carry permits to be armed for self-defense on campus.

The measure has already made it through one senate panel and is moving on down the legislative pike.

Steube is also sponsoring legislation that will allow Florida teachers “and other school employees to carry concealed weapons on public school campuses.” The goal is to prevent a Sandy Hook-like attack from being successfully carried out in the state of Florida.

Everytown and Moms Demand Action also oppose the push to arm public school teachers against a Sandy Hook-like attack.

Moms Demand Action’s Chryl Anderson whined : “Our teachers entered the esteemed profession of education to teach, not to become sharpshooters.”

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  • 11 thoughts on “Everytown Says Fight Campus Rapist With Backpacks, Not Scary Guns

    1. What will Everytown propose next?

      Perhaps they will provide all women with pink buttons to wear on their shirts
      with a red diagonal line drawn across a penis to say NO RAPISTS allowed?

    2. “Our teachers entered the esteemed profession of education to teach, not to become sharpshooters.”
      Fine, for those teachers who feel no obligation to their students beyond simply TEACHING them, certainly no one is yet suggesting that they must do anything further (although they will inevitably, and rightly, be less “esteemed” than their fellow teachers who also feel an obligation to their students that extends beyond just teaching – including protecting). If your “esteemed” teaching professionals only feel obligated to teach, then they won’t be interfering in the lives of their students by reporting suspected child abuse in the home, by helping their more indigent students get a meal or two daily; they won’t have to learn to use fire extinguishers, or to give CPR or first aid, etc. After all, that goes beyond “just teaching.” I’ve known teachers like that, and frankly they weren’t nearly as “esteemed” as the ones who felt obligated to help their students however they could. At Sandy Hook Elementary School, some teachers and administrators ( the more “esteemed” ones, I suspect), who felt obligated to help and protect their students, heroically gave their lives in an effort to protect them. Unfortunately, because of stupid rules like those so strongly supported by MDA and Everytown, they gave their lives in vain, because it was impossible for them to effectively protect their students without the guns they were prohibited from carrying. While those who lost their lives in that way should certainly be lauded for their heroic, if ineffectual behavior, the cowardly administrators and anti-gun zealots whose actions abetted those deaths, should just as certainly be excoriated for their behavior. Where is everyone’s outrage at THEM? Most of our public schools today STILL persist in creating a dangerous environment in which students cannot be effectively protected from a deranged individual who feels like killing and maiming a bunch of them. Why are parents still tolerating this kind of school policy? Probably because most parents foolishly trust the ignorant, irrational, and completely ideologically based arguments, that they are being given by the school boards. Parents, WAKE UP! By doing nothing to stop this, by allowing your children’s school boards to put such over-zealous “Zero Tolerance” anti-gun policies in place, YOU are actually aiding those deranged people who would harm your own children! The simple fact is that most, usually all, of the damage is done by an active shooter, before the armed rescuers (generally the police) arrive, in fact, before they even CAN arrive. Don’t kid yourself; if you don’t have anyone in your child’s school, who is already there, and already armed, your child is at risk for a Sandy Hook type assault at school. And if you haven’t done anything to try and change the policies that prevent armed guards/LEOs/staff and teachers, or SOME type of armed protection in the school, YOU are as guilty as the ISD, or school board, or other administrators who propose those policies. Yes, the perpetrator is the only one responsible for his actions, but those of us who stood by and allowed the creation of these “gun free victim zones” must also take some responsibility for not doing everything we could to try to prevent those perpetrators from succeeding with their planned depredations.
      As for the college campus: There is NO, zip, nada, rationale that makes any sense to a rational person, why people with concealed carry licenses, who safely carry a gun everywhere else they go, should not be allowed to carry it on campus as well. Can anyone give me an argument why I would be safe and responsible when I eat lunch at the café on one side of the street, but somehow become dangerous and irresponsible if I’m still wearing my concealed pistol when I walk across the street to go to my next class? No? I didn’t think so. The MDA and Everytown arguments that backpacks and guns don’t mix is idiotic on its face – why not? What is so dangerous about a backpack that it suddenly makes its wearer more irresponsible and dangerous than (s)he was just before donning it? Keep in mind, no one has even suggested letting irresponsible, underage, etc. people carry on campus (although some undoubtedly already do so). If you doubt the truth of this, just ask the campus rape and assault victims whether their assailants were armed. The proposed laws would only remove the silly restrictions for those responsible adults who have taken the trouble to get a CCW license, allowing them to carry on campus as well as everywhere else. Further, there are already a number of both public and private universities that do not ban CCW licensees from carrying on campus, and NONE of them have reported any problems over the past several years. Quite the opposite, in fact. When the state of Colorado was forced by its supreme court to drop its ban on state college campuses (campi?), the on-campus crime rates dropped significantly within the year after the ban was dropped. No one has yet reported any loss or deterioration of the “on campus learning environment” either.

    3. Everytown is an organization composed of mindless Pavlovian automatons. Just utter “for the children” and they go apoplectic.

    4. All of these anti-gun groups are all run by idiots and do not have a clue to whats going on in the world. I have a real good Idea, why don’t you all get a job and a real life instead of talking about sh*t that you don’t have any clue about.

    5. If guns are so terrible, why does Michael Bloomberg have armed body guards? Armed with guns. If society is so wonderful and safe he doesn’t need body guards. Just get him a backpack.

    6. It amazes me how confiscators are against self defense at every corner of our lives, the smallest woman can defend her-self against the largest attacker, why deny her that choice? I would much rather let her take care of this than the courts, because then I am taxed to take care of that scumbag, If she defends her-self, he wont harm anybody ever again..

    7. Pacificts and non-violent people tend to shy from carrying guns until after something terrible happens to them, while those with violent dispositions are more likely to, so what really need be done?

    8. They aren’t being REQUIRED to carry. Everytown is like every other gun-grabbing group….it never met a logical fallacy it didn’t give a try.

    9. To Everytown and Moms Demand Action. You two groups are so set on keeping guns out of the hands of honest hard working people. Maybe you should put all that effort into keeping criminals behind bars or keeping the guns out of the hands of those criminals. Chryl Anderson whined : “Our teachers entered the esteemed profession of education to teach, not to become sharpshooters.” Maybe the did not sign up to be sharpshooters, but I would feel a lot better knowing my sons teacher is carrying a gun and knows how to use it. I would want to know that a teacher can defend our students if needed. Because they did not sign up to be victims either!

      1. Everytown just does not get it. I do believe that M Bloomberg suffers from a psychological condition called transference. This is a condition whereby an individual transfers their hostile thoughts and desired actions to others because they can not face the fact that they would themselves do what they accuse others of. Hence the hostility toward others using a firearm for self defense because they can not be trusted to harm others while armed for the slightest insult. This is not my theory. It was posted on the internet sometime back by a psychiatrist MD. As this is a deep seated neurosis it could explain why the anti gun grabbers are incapable of using reason when it comes to firearms and their lawful use, ownership, and need for self defense when faced with a life threatening situation that calls for deadly persuasion.

        1. I think you might be referring to below, it’s in the JPFO.org site

          Raging Against Self Defense:
          A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality
          By Sarah Thompson, MD

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