Fraternal Order Of Police: Obama’s AR-15 Ammo Ban NOT Necessary

By AWR Hawkins

Ammo Ban Ammunition 223
Ammo Ban Ammunition 223
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On March 4 2015, Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) executive director James Pasco said Obama’s proposed ban on M855 ammo is not necessary.

At 325,000 members, the FOP describes itself as “the world’s largest organization of sworn officers.”

According to the Washington Examiner, Pasco said the M855 “has not historically posed a threat to law enforcement.” Rather, he indicated that the round was most commonly used for shooting targets.

And while Pasco made clear that while any ammunition can be problematic if misused, he said the M855 round itself “is not typically” one that is used against law enforcement.

Pasco’s claims square with studies done on the types of weapons criminals most often use in crime. Types of weapons are important because they are indicative of types of ammunition.

For example, on June 18 Breitbart News reported that a “Geneva-based research project Small Arms Survey” found that the firearms used in 77 percent of crimes were handguns, and that rifles of any kind were used in less than 12 percent of crimes. Of the 12 percent of crimes in which a rifle was used, the number of “machine guns, submachine guns,” and related weapons was so small it was listed as “negligible.”

Pasco’s explanation that the AR-15 ammo ban isn’t necessary came just two days after the White House said the ban was a “common sense” way to save cops’ lives. As Breitbart News reported, WH press secretary Josh Earnest said the Obama administration has been looking for “ways to protect our brave men and women in law enforcement, and believe that this process is valuable for that reason alone.”

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M855 is tech. 5.56 62gr. not .223 55gr. My AR’s and my Ruger Mini14 really enjoy that shit too ! Glad I sat on 1200 + rds of M855 ! I got cases of M193 that I will use and save my green tip !


First they ban lead then claim other material as AP and ban the bullet , because it COULD be used in a pistol . BATF uses bullet diameter as the determining factor if it can be used in a pistol. Barnes banded solid bullets are outlawed in many calibers such as .458 because of this inept attack on bullets. Notice I said bullet not even loaded ammunition was in question . JUST the BULLET. The bronze banded solids were used by big game hunters for animals like cape buffalo using 458 win mag. The bullets were banned because of the… Read more »


Eric,I guess the ATF will re- classify it ‘constructive intent’ !


Its not will , already has been .Barnes banded bullets in .458 have been banned for a awhile people are just too ignorant to see them banning 1 bullet diameter at a time.


This is clearly a backdoor attack on the 2nd. Amendment. The administration does not want, need or use facts and statistics in their Constitutional attack, any old lie is fine.

Tim Weage

If the FOB members don’t think the M 855 AMMO is of any issue, what makes the ATF , Bohner and our so called great leader Obama authority on this when the numbers tell the truth. This is just a nother way for them to get at our guns and destroy our 2 Amendent Rights. THAHTS ALL THEY WANT TO DO , WE NEED STAND UP AND FIGHT!


No one seems to get it! Obozo doesn’t give a ratz azz if that ammo is used against police or not! This is just another of his childish, moronic attempts at gun control, he couldn’t get the guns so he is going after the ammunition and like I said he doesn’t care WHICH ammo,it will be just the FIRST, if he can get away with it….the dirty s.o.b. is a phony, a fraud, a liar, a communist and should be in prison pending his execution IMHO!


We hear terms, including here, that the problem is negligible or necessary. Well, Mr. Pasco and Mr. Hawkins, exactly how many FOP members are shot, wounded or killed by M855 ammunition each year? Let’s get out of the glittering generalities from each side and get down to the hard numbers. How about it?

Red Shift

Keep the Pressure on Congress ; DEMAND your Representatives ‘ Vacate ‘ the Speaker . Bohner is a RINO , Democraps love him , so he must GO !!! — Momentum is building , Push Forward………….


They are endangering the Law Enforcement community with the concept of a ban. I hope this does not make
people think about robbing small police departments, national guard armories, or any of the multitudinous ‘security forces’ that many government agencies have! They are very thinly staffed after about 6PM each night, it really makes me worry!