Join GVK11Outdoors On A Late Season ‘Yote’ Hunt ~ Video

Join GVK11Outdoors On A Late Season 'Yote' Hunt
Join GVK11Outdoors On A Late Season ‘Yote’ Hunt


USA -( Recently I had a great day walking around the woods and spending some time trying to hunt up some coyotes (temps were -12).

I spent the day with some good friends of mine Joe and Renee Jakubik with Smart Targets LLC as well as my good buddy Brian.

The day started out trying to hunt some coyotes for a few hours in the morning. We ended up calling two spots with no luck, but did spot a coyote chasing four deer across a big open snow filled field about 9am. It was 500 yards all the way across and basically had no shot.

The coyotes I guess just didn’t seem interested in the Fox Pro call at that time, I guess. They must of had a deer breakfast on their mind.

Instead of calling it quits for the day we proceeded to walk around and check out what the deer herd was doing. We found several rubs, travel corridors, new deer highways, and several bedding areas. And we also stumbled upon a quality deer shed of a nice ten pointer we know was walking around last fall. Always a good sign to see that.

This goes to show you that PPM (proper property management) does work, do the little things in the off season and your deer season ahead will be a good one. Spend the time in the off season to know your property better, it makes you a better hunter for the season ahead. Well back to the hunt.

We ended up taking a little break after trekking through the snow all morning and planned on heading out for the afternoon hunt. With a weather front approaching and the coyote mating season upon us, I thought to myself, something has to happen. Timing is everything and we have all the factors on our side. We ended up setting up on a spot that I have called before and knew that we were in between two areas where I knew there were coyote dens.

As we set up on the edge of a big open field on a pinch point,I began to call. While calling I never used a distressed rabbit or any calls like that. I only used the female howl and bark mixed with the male challenge and the coyote locater.

An hour went by with nothing. Sunset was approaching and the snow started to fall. The wind was picking up as well and we all began to get covered in snow. The time was now and the coyotes had to cooperate or we were going home. Sunset came and things began to change. I hit the call very sparingly using the female howl and bark and BAMMM they started to respond all the way across the field on top of the ridges.

A few calls were made back and then they shut up. We sat for a few more minutes and just as we thought they weren’t gonna show up, one coyote came out to the field and was running towards our set. Joe yelled out there he is. The camera was rolling and we waited for the coyote to come closer. The coyote was coming closer and closer and for some reason he picked out something he didn’t like and proceeded to make a right and go away.

Well that just didn’t happen! Joe called out I can take em! As he turned Joe layed down the hammer and piled the coyote up in this tracks. What a great shot! He ended up shooting the coyote at 300 yards with a 22 – 250 and a 50 grain bullet. High fives were flying!!! I have to say I was very happy for him on killing his first coyote. This is what hunting is all about. It is a memory that all of us built together on that day and it will never be forgotten and I am proud to say I am so elated to be a part of such a great adventure with some great friends. Congrats Joe once again and I have to say You made one hell of a shot!!!!! Stay tuned for the video,it’s gonna be a good one!!!!!


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Billy and George Vasilios Katsigiannis
Billy and George Vasilios Katsigiannis

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Ronald Lind

Hey Billy.nice work hope it all comes together big.i would like to be on here some day Ronald