NRA News Commentators Ep. 103 | “Lies, Lies, Lies” with Dom Raso

NRA News Commentators Ep. 103 | “Lies, Lies, Lies” with Dom Raso
NRA News
NRA News

Fairfax, VA – ( – Dom Raso calls out Hillary Clinton’s false claims of having dodged sniper fire as dishonorable and proof that she is unworthy to lead our country. Read the full video transcript here:

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Rob Alford USN Retired

Mr. Raso; Thank you for your service to our country and all that did for us in that service. Thank you for your continued actions as a true and real Patriot. We need more like you to stand up, speak up and lead. Keep spreading the truth. Thank you again.


We need the entire server farm, not some printed emails.

Clear violations of Federal records law and obstruction of justice with respect to Benghazi.

This kind of official arrogance is not new, of course, although it is perhaps more common in dictatorships than in democracies.

—Ian Buruma, New York Times Book Review, 17 Sept. 2006

Gregory Romeu

WHY is this moron NOT in handcuffs yet? WHY is our Speaker of The House NOT demanding his Sgt At arms to ARREST this moron on the many violations of laws she is complicit with? WHY is the American people NOT calling their senators and Congressmen DEMANDING ARRWST AND INDICTMENT???