Open Letter Sent to 150 United Nations Officials Related To Small Arms Standards

Open Letters Sent to US Departments of State & Justice & 150 UN Officials On International Small Arms Standards

Editors Note: The first text part of the posting below was actually one of two open letters to the following US Government officials, which had attached, the letter sent to the 150 UN officials:

US Department of State

  • Mr. William Malzahn
  • Mr. Scott Reid
  • Mr. Paul J. Shott
  • Mr. Sho J. Morimoto

US Department of Justice

  • Mr. William Kullman

United Nations of Gun Control
United Nations Int. Small Arms Control Standards Accountability Project Annouced
United Nations International Small Arms Control Standards Accountability Project
United Nations International Small Arms Control Standards Accountability Project

New York, NY –-(  Dear Messrs. Kullman, Malzahn, Morimoto, Shott, and Reid;

Last week the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) Accountability Project sent the attached email to 150 United Nations officials.  It was sent in response to intense concern among industry and stakeholding civil society groups with respect to apparent widespread and systematic misconduct by UN officials engaged in the planning, coordination, and execution of the UN ISACS undertaking.

The ISACS undertaking is an international gun control initiative designed to provide model national regulation / legislation for UN Member States to implement domestically with or without legislative or democratic process input.   The initiative was sponsored by the UN CASA organization and effectively run by the UN Development Program’s project coordinator, Dr. Patrick Mc Carthy.

The attached email contains two attachments.  The first is a by-name listing of each UN official affiliated with the ISACS project (based on internal ISACS project documentation obtained in late February).   The second attachment is a letter of input written by Mr. Jeff Moran, an executive law student and interested party to the ISACS project at the Geneva Academy in Switzerland, sent previously to [Messrs.] Kullman, Malzahn, and Reid, and to Dr. Patrick Mc Carthy.

You are being provided a courtesy copy of this by virtue of your official roles affiliated with US international small arms control policy and/or your personal participation in the ISACS development process.

This article is intended to provide you knowledge and awareness of misconduct issues associated with the planning, coordination, and execution of the UN ISACS project.

We hope that providing you the attached letter will help motivate an appropriate investigation by US policy makers and a subsequent policy statement urging, for example, the ISACS project be halted pending an internal policy compliance investigation.

The ISACS Accountability Project recommends that the ISACS project be halted and restarted from the beginning so that the process and all its normative outputs can basically conform to all three sets of relevant normative principles, so that the ISACS undertaking attains a minimum standard of normative accountability, acceptability, legitimacy, and credibility.

We encourage you to advocate for constructive change and improvement in the way the ISACS process operates, or that you openly condemn the process entirely as incompetent and fundamentally flawed.  We encourage you to declare the draft standard 3.30 v. 3.1 in particular as invalid and predjudicial to American laws, culture, and the US Constitution.  We specifically request you consider calling for the resignation of Dr. Patrick Mc Carthy, for his documented history of biased and conflicted coordination of the ISACS undertaking and for abusing his power as a international public authority to prejudice the interests, goals and concerns of, among others, the 62% (198 million people) of the US population who believe having a firearm at home for self defense makes them safer.

We strongly encourage the Government of the United States to advocate for remedial action or condemnation with respect to the ISACS effort in a timely manner.  Having been provided specific knowledge and awareness to the situation, not doing so would quickly establish the United States Government as consenting with and tolerant of official UN misconduct, and/or complicit in what appears on its face to be an organized enterprise of professional misconduct by many UN officials.

This email is an open document and is being shared with media, selected members on Capitol Hill, and with the public at large.  Should you have any questions, please respond by email ( [email protected] )so we can make proper arrangements to get you what you need.  Thank you for your time and service to the United States of America!

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: ISACS Accountability Project <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], [email protected]
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 16:15:51 +0000
Subject: ISACS Letter of Input

Dear UN CASA International Public Authority,

As you may know, the request for comment period closed one week ago with respect to International Small Arms Control Standard (ISACS) 3.30 version 3.1 draft.  The attached letter of input was provided separately to Dr. Mc Carthy on Monday this week with respect to the draft 3.30 and the ISACS project as a whole.

We are providing the attached as a courtesy since current internal ISACS documents indicate your are an official party to the UN ISACS development process acting the capacity of an international public authority and are a subject, among other things, to the UN Charter and UN Staff Rules and Regulations.  As such, we wanted to make sure you have appropriate knowledge and awareness of the contents of the attached letter.

The original document was sent via email with courtesy copies provided to three senior policy-making officials in the US Departments of State and the Justice.  Additional UN Member State representatives are being provided copies of the attached separately.  The attached file differs slightly from the email message sent to [Dr. Mc Carthy]: it has been reformatted to capture the names and offices of the American officials mentioned above (email addresses removed), and contains minor grammar changes in addition to one bracketed update inserted into endnote 3.  Dr. Mc Carthy is courtesy copied on this message, for his further knowledge and awareness.

This current email sent to you has also be sent to the other 149 CASA representatives listed in second document attached.  If you are no longer or have never actually been a party to the ISACS MSI development process, please let us know with a quick reply to this effect no later the end of the day Tuesday 3 March (New York City time).  Our intent is to have the most accurate information and…we do not want to publicly associate you with this project if in fact you are not party to it.

Thank you in advance for your time.

-The ISACS Accountability Project

Jeff Moran Letter of Input for Dr. Patrick Mc Carthy 22 Feb 15_1.1

Un Casa Officials Engaged in the Isacs Msi – Copy


***Disclosure: The ISACS Accountability Project was launched earlier this month with the provisional mission “to help close the accountability gap with respect to the development and implementation of the ISACS.” It was launched as a spin-off non-for-profit public service initiative of TSM Worldwide LLC. Our website is still a work in progress but you can read the initial press release here:***

This article has been provided to you as an special courtesy of the International Small Arms Control Standards Accountability Project. We just got started, so our website isn’t quite ready. Stay-tuned. Thanks.

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Raymond Ranic

I have talked abouth the united nations more then once .Its a money makeing bunch of rich people who want more money.And rich people want your guns . How els can they control you.if you have guns. The whole thing abouth Safety is bull shit its control they want . Wake up America GOG BLESS US


Are any real estate developers interested in converting the UN Headquarters into luxury condominiums?


The U.S. needs to tell the UN gtfo and leave. We need to quit and stop giving money to this socialist club that throws away money and the corruption it hides from its members.