Scrape Blaster, Wild Estrus & Rubline Foam – 3 New Deer Attractants from WGI

Powerful Aerosol Attractants From Wildgame Innovations

Wildgame Innovations - Scrape Blaster, Wild Estrus & Rubline Foam
Wildgame Innovations – Scrape Blaster, Wild Estrus & Rubline Foam
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New Roads, LA -( Three incredible new deer attractants from Wildgame Innovations combine scent and visual stimulants that bucks can’t resist with the ease and convenience of aerosol dispersion.

Wild Estrus Bomb, Scrape Blaster and Rubline Foam each have a special place in a hunter’s bag of tricks to tempt a buck’s nose, and each also features a UV enhancement that draws deer in close because of their ability to see in the UV spectrum. Because a deer’s eyes lack a UV filter, they are able to see attractants which have been treated with GloCote.

GloCote UV enhancement technology from Wildgame Innovations turns otherwise ordinary scent attractants into visual attractants, meaning that wind direction is no longer a factor in an attractants effectiveness. Wildgame Innovations has conducted numerous tests and collected thousands of pictures of deer walking directly to otherwise unappealing objects such as rocks, stumps and even rebar, simply because those objects were treated with UV enhancement. Products enhanced with UV are especially effective when deer are most active – at dawn and dusk.

Wild Estrus Bomb is a 6.5-oz. aerosol can of 100 percent pure whitetail deer urine that is sweetened with our patented and proprietary GloCote UV additive. The advantages of an aerosol can are never more appreciated than by a hunter dealing with any attractant. This will not leak in the backpack or spill while attempting to apply. The Wild Estrus Bomb features a specialized nozzle allowing for continuous or burst spraying.

Making scrapes just got a ton easier for a hunter who has the 8-oz. Scrape Blaster aerosol in his or her fanny pack. This powerful spray allows the user to create several scrapes per can in just seconds. The powerful UV enhanced product sprays foam which soaks into the ground and visually attracts bucks for days. A Scrape Blaster mock scrape doesn’t just smell irresistible; it literally glows in a buck’s eyes.

Rubline Foam is a UV enhanced aerosol that makes creating a rubline easier than ever. The Rubline Foam emits a UV foam and preorbital gland mixture that brings bucks right where you want them. The convenient 8-oz. aerosol can is easy to carry deep to a buck’s core area with no chance of spilling or leaking. Hunters use Rubline Foam on existing signpost rubs made by a mature buck or to create new rubs. When the buck sees and smells Rubline Foam on his signpost, he’s coming right in to investigate.

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