Sheriff David Clarke & 2012 NRA Officer of the Year on Tonight’s NRA All Access

Sheriff David Clarke on NRA All Access
Sheriff David Clarke on NRA All Access
NRA All Access
NRA All Access

 USA – -( Sit down with Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sheriff David Clarke tonight on an all new episode of NRA All Access and learn about his bold stance on encouraging law abiding citizens to protect themselves with firearms.

Find out how it drew praise from many and stirred gun control advocates, including Michael Bloomberg, to combat Clarke during his defining re-election.

Later in the episode we meet Detective David McCarley of the Pearl, Mississippi, Police Department and hear how his exceptional act of service to end a confrontation with a gunman and aid his injured comrade earned him the 2012 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award.

Watch this week’s NRA All Access, presented by Taurus, tonight at 8:30/5:30pm PT only on Outdoor Channel.

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fish hunter

Sheriff Clark deserves more than just awards! He should be placed in charge of Homeland Security, or the FBI, or the Secret Service. If he was in any of these positions and given the freedom to run them the way he thought is right, I believe they would improve almost overnight.

john Carr

You are exactly right. David says it like it is. More common sense than most people in a position like his.