Sportsmen Go to Washington, D.C. to Urge Lawmakers: Keep Public Lands in Public Hands

Gloomy Washington DC
Gloomy Washington DC
Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

Washington, DC -( As House and Senate Republicans prepare to debate their Fiscal Year 2016 budget priorities, sportsmen remain on guard against proposals that would transfer or sell federal public lands to state ownership, proposals that would mirror misguided efforts currently underway in numerous Western states.

State ownership of federal public lands could result in a range of negative impacts, including increased industrial activity; diminished public access for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation; and the outright sale of these lands to private interests. Poorly planned development, driven by revenue-generating obligations at the state level, could spring up next to a native trout fishery, near important big-game habitat or in places where Americans have camped, hunted and fished for generations.

In recent months, thousands of hunters and anglers have rallied at state capitols across the West with one loud and important message: Keep public lands in public hands. This week, sportsmen are traveling to Washington, D.C., to urge their elected leaders to reject any shortsighted proposals to sell America's public lands heritage.

Join a press teleconference on Tuesday, March 24, at noon EDT to hear directly from hunters and anglers about the value of public lands in the U.S., the critical role they play in maintaining healthy and robust populations of fish and wildlife, and their importance in upholding our ability to access and enjoy our time-honored outdoor traditions.

Sportsmen speaking will include the following:

  • Julian Gonzalez, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Dan Harrison, Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Merin Tigert, Boise, Idaho
  • Paul Wilkins, Chief Conservation Officer, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Washington, D.C.
  • Moderator: Land Tawney, Executive Director, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Missoula, Montana

To join the call, dial 800-311-9403 and enter pass code 175716.

Please RSVP to Katie McKalip at 406-240-9262 or [email protected]

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I agree with Rob Morse. I LIVE in the West. In the rural west. In an “in holding”. The Federal land management agencies have mis-managed their trust. Take time to look at our sick forests and the resulting wildland fires (no it isn’t all due to climate change). Look at the loss of habitat. Look at all the huge government boon doggle waste. No one is talking about selling all the “public” land to evil private people – that is a false, a red herring. State / local can manage better for less tax money.

Rob Morse
Rob Morse

I disagree. I live in a western state which is largely owned by the feds. Sell federal lands to the states and let the states manage or sell them as they see fit. I trust private conservation much more than government conservation.

Bill Williams
Bill Williams

If you want to understand why these people are acting against the Western States and, who they really represent, check out this site.
They are environmentalists masked as sportsmen. The folks who are members of these groups are unknowingly supporting the few at the top who are ultimately working against the very sportsmen that they claim to represent. Sad.