The Personal Defense Talk Podcast Is Now Live

A podcast for those serious about personal defense

The Personal Defense Talk Podcast
The Personal Defense Talk Podcast
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Personal Defense Talk

Manassas, VA -( The Personal Defense Talk Podcast was created to inform and educate citizens who are concerned about Personal Defense.

Each week the show will cover different topics and will also include special guests to discuss their area of expertise. This show is for anyone who values their safety and that of their loved ones.

A recent comment left on our webpage stated: “Good work! You guys continue to provide essential information for people like myself who need to know what to be aware of in the self-defense area. Thanks for bringing us another avenue to fulfill that need. Just listening to the podcasts is a reminder to me that I am not completely alone against the thugs; there are people such as yourselves who stand with me in that endeavor and I am grateful for that.”

Personal Defense Talk is not just for gun owners; we emphasize a multidisciplinary approach when discussing Personal Defense. We believe personal defense encompasses multiple aspects and do not recommend a singular tool or method. Our main goal is to provide information to help educate our audience so they can lead a safer life. We stress the importance of training to increase competency no matter the method of personal defense.

Show topics will include but are not limited to:

  • Concealed Carry
  • Home Defense Tactics and Training
  • Unarmed and Armed Training
  • Mindset/Awareness/Verbal Skills
  • Active Shooter / Violent Intruder
  • Home Safety Modifications
  • Body Language & Pre Contact Cues
  • Laws of Self Defense/Justification of Force
  • Responsibilities/Rights & Should vs. Could

About The Personal Defense Talk

The hosts Evan Carson and Ben Turner reside in the Washington, DC metro area in Northern Virginia. Both are serious about Personal Defense mutually as students, practitioners and as Instructors. Our main goal is to bring our passion for Personal Defense to our podcast and provide another venue to help educate our listeners.

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