USA Today Wants Defenseless ‘Zero-Tolerance’, Not Campus Carry

By AWR Hawkins

Criminals For Gun Free Schools Campus Carry
Criminals For Gun Free Schools Campus Carry
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( USA Today joined ranks with other anti-gun voices, saying women shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns on campus for self-defense.

USA Today specifically claimed that “zero-tolerance” polices are a better way to halt sexual assaults. They suggest this is so because allowing women to carry guns actually puts women in greater danger. They also suggest that opening the door to concealed carry holders opens the door to criminals carrying guns on campus.

In other words, criminals are currently leaving their guns at home, waiting for the gun-free policies to change before they bring firearms along for the commission for a crime.

USA Today echoed arguments presented by Salon, claiming that allowing women to carry guns on campus would only increase the danger women face. They cite anti-Second Amendment proponent Alexandra Brodsky who says, “Guns won’t stop campus rape violence. In fact, they will put more students at risk.”

To back up this claim, USA Today links to an Everytown for Gun Safety claim ( ) that the “mere presence” of gun in a situation where a women may be assaulted increases her chances of death by “500 percent.” They do not cite any figures to explain the risk of death or injury unarmed women face when an armed assailant kicks in the door to their residence or abducts them in a parking lot.

Instead, they cite the isolated incident of Marissa Alexander firing a warning shot at her abusive, estranged husband and getting a prison sentence for it. Citing Alexander’s example is an attempt to show how things didn’t end well for an armed woman.

But they do not mention that Alexander’s prison sentence was reduced to house arrest. Nor do they note that Florida lawmakers recognized the law against warning shots was flawed, and changed it with the intent of liberating women who might need to stand their ground in the future.

Campus Carry portends a similar liberation for college age women across the country who want to protect themselves from assault.

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