Xecutioner Broadheads Cutting a Swath to the 2015 Iowa Deer Classic

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Weatherford, TX -(Ammoland.com)- Xecutioner Broadheads, gears up for the 2015 Iowa Deer Classic Consumer Outdoor Show with a healthy supply of cutting-edge, premium grade broadheads.

Be sure to visit Xecutioner Broadheads at Booth #921 to learn more about their razor-sharp, patent pending broadhead products and enter to win your own broadhead prize package on Saturday and Sunday!

While you’re at the Xecutioner Broadhead booth learn more about the company’s array of mechanical broadheads:

  • Xecutioner 100gr. Expandable – Multiple colors, razor sharp 2.5″ cutting diameter, rugged and reliable .040″ blade thickness, cut on contact tip, adjustable ferrule settings for low poundage bows, high poundage bows, and crossbows.
  • Xecutioner 125gr. Hybrid – 2-blade fixed cutting head leads the way for devastating expanding blades. Expanding blades deliver a 3.5″ cutting diameter with heavy-duty .050″ blade thickness.
  • Xecutioner 125gr. Fixed – 2 primary fixed cutting blades and 4 integrated bleeder blades deliver a devastating 1.5″ cutting diameter and shorter blood-tracking with a 1.5″ razor-sharp cutting diameter and hard-hitting .005″ blade thickness.
  • Xecutioner Tim Wells Signature Series Slocker – Ideal as a stand-alone small game head or modular collar placed behind your primary broadhead. Features bone-crushing, body-shocking 1.25″ diameter to stop small game, turkeys and other prey in their tracks!

Check out Xecutioner’s revolutionary broadhead products and pick up some ultra-cool Xecutioner swag while you’re at the booth (921). Stick around to learn about exciting new products on the horizon and learn some great hunting strategies and tips from the highly accomplished, hunt-proven Xecutioner staff!

Don’t forget to stop by each day for your chance to go home with a great Xecutioner Broadhead prize package!

About Xecutioner Broadheads

Xecutioner Broadheads walks the leading edge of broadhead innovation with razor sharp field-point accuracy, bone splitting peace-of-mind performance and jaw-dropping penetration. With cutting diameters up to 2.5-in., and easy adjustability for low and high poundage bows, as well as crossbows, the only thing missing is a time-consuming blood-track. Xecutioner Broadheads’ lethal lineup includes fixed, mechanical and hybrid heads, and the mind-blowing Slocker small-game collar perfect as a standalone or in combination with any other Xecutioner product.

For more information about Xecutioner Broadheads, visit their website at www.XecutionerBroadheads.com.