Adaptive Tactical’s NON-LITE Allows Operators to “Train Like They Fight”

The NON-LITE is designed to mimic the weight, balance and profile of a standard gun-mounted flashlight, allowing the operator to focus on training without risking damage to actual flashlight.

Adaptive Tactical NON-LITE
Adaptive Tactical NON-LITE
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Nampa, Idaho ( – Adaptive Tactical, LLC, manufacturers of innovative firearm stocks, magazines, conversion kits and accessories, is proud to introduce its NON-LITE. The NON-LITE is designed to mimic the weight, balance and profile of a standard gun-mounted flashlight, allowing the operator to focus on intense training without risking damage to his or her actual flashlight.

“As professionals and masters of our trade, we need to ‘train like we fight.’ That means we have to become proficient with the extra weight of the light, the fit to the holster and have the ability for a smooth and fast holster draw. The big problem with this is in doing so, we are causing our weapon lights to have illumination failures, damaged lenses, blown bulbs, broken activation switches, cracked rails, broken locking tabs, battery failures and decreased lumens for nighttime training and operation when it is needed the most. The NON-LITE solves all of these problems while letting us train realistically,” said Ryan Ley, NON-LITE Inventor and USCG Trainer.

Although NON-LITE mimics the weight, balance and profile of a tactical flashlight, it costs a fraction of the price of a tactical light allowing military and law enforcement agencies to save thousands of dollars in equipment replacement costs.


  • Quick-detach thumb screw rail clamp
  • Weatherproof
  • Constructed of high-strength, durable glass-filled nylon plastic
  • Weighted to mimic actual light
  • Compatible with handguns/long guns with Picatinny or universal rails
  • Sized to exact dimensions to fit light-bearing holsters
  • MSRP $64.99

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About Adaptive Tactical, LLC:

Adaptive Tactical’s design team, a proven leader in firearm stock and accessory innovation, leads the way in award winning recoil dampening shotgun and rifle stocks and accessories. Manufacturers of the popular Sidewinder Venom™ mag-fed shotgun system and ADTAC stock systems, Adaptive Tactical offers products focused on improving speed, performance and versatility for military, LE, defense, range and competition applications.

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Has to be the most stupid purchase ever. You can buy 3 cheap pistol lights for the price of this one to train with that weighs the same and…is…you know…an actual light. Or you can just not turn it on if you’re worried about getting used to the switch in another location for training. At adaptive tactical we innovate buy convincing idiots to pay for for non-functional weighted plastic that costs 3 times as much as the functional thing it’s meant to replace. What’s sad is that they’ve probably sold hundreds of thousands of these and I paid for them… Read more »