Archer Xtreme Sets the Bar Once Again with Its New & Improved Rogue Sight

Lighter, Stronger – and Now Brighter

Newly Designed AXT Rogue Sets Benchmark for Brightest Sight on the Market
Newly Designed AXT Rogue Sets Benchmark for Brightest Sight on the Market
Archer Xtreme
Archer Xtreme

Newark, DE -( Leave it to the innovative minds at Archer Xtreme (AXT) to make the world’s best archery sight even brighter.

With a solid reputation of producing the toughest, lightest and most dependable archery sights and accessories in the industry, AXT can now add brightest bow sight on the market to its long list of accolades with the newly updated AXT Rogue. Featuring 15 full inches of fiber optic cable transmitting light to each pin, shooters will benefit from more transmitted light than any other sight on the market.

Fiber optics and pin technology has always been a balancing act for engineers. Larger diameter pins allow additional light, but precision aiming is sacrificed. AXT has combined the best of both worlds by retaining the Rogue’s .019-inch fiber optic pins diameter, but powering it with 15 inches of fiber optic for the ultimate in aiming precision and brightness. Both of these elements are, of course, critical to an archer’s success whether shooting competition or drawing for a shot on a hard-earned game animal. However, only AXT brings you the best technology and design to optimize both precision and brightness.

The AXT Rogue’s fiber optics is protected by AXT’s Center Core Technology, which encapsulates the otherwise fragile fibers. To increase brightness, Archery Xtreme has redesigned its Center Core Technology. This allows the Rogue to fully optimize the 15 inches of fiber optic cable that transmits light to each pin. The net result is 25 percent more light being delivered to the aim point without causing the dreaded halo effect. This gives archers the precision aim point they require, with the light gathering capability they demand.

The AXT Rogue is machined from solid 6061T6 aluminum to provide strength and durability without sacrificing the lightweight design archers and extreme bowhunters demand. Whether shooting down at a passing buck, nearly vertical for a mountain goat, or on flat ground tackling turkeys, the Rogue’s 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments ensure your pins and level will read true.

Although the Rogue offers unmatched brightness, conditions exist—when hunting in low light or on occasion simply due to old eyes—where the brightest of fiber optics are not enough. AXT considered these factors when designing the Rogue and incorporated a Micro LED to provide full visibility for the most challenging shots or demanding hunts with the same visibility and precision whether in broad daylight, deep in the shadows, or a moonless night.

Adding to the new, brighter sight picture is the two-inch red HD Sight Ring. Aligned with the peep sight, the HD Sight Ring offers a torque-free sight alignment for increased accuracy. After all, accuracy is what an archery sight is all about, and with the Rogue, you’ll not only have a sight capable of the most accurate shooting, you’ll have a sight you see in any lighting condition. The AXT Rogue is available in anodized Blackout with red accents and is convertible for right- or left-handed archers.

For more information on the new Archer Xtreme Rogue or Archer Xtreme’s full selection of high-performance sights, quivers, stabilizers and archery accessories, please contact: Archer Xtreme at P.O. Box 328 Belgrade, MT 59714. Telephone: (406) 924-6113. Or visit

About Archer Xtreme (AXT)

Archer Xtreme (AXT) products are the lightest, strongest, and highest precision accessories on the planet. At AXT, we’re driven to offer the ultimate field experience with our state-of-the-art designs and superior materials. If you’re looking to increase your accuracy and decrease weight, we have sights, quivers and stabilizers to get you to the XTREME!

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Paul Christian
Paul Christian
3 years ago

Hi I cannot find any contact info on AXT that works. Have they went out of business? Do you have any New contact info ? Please contact me asap if you can help. Thanks