Armalite to be Named New Title Sponsor of 3-Gun Nation

Armalite’s 3-Gun Nation, presented by NRA Sports
Armalite’s 3-Gun Nation, presented by NRA Sports
3-Gun Nation
3-Gun Nation

USA –-( A new era deserves a new spark as well.

With the advent of the new elimination-style 3GN Pro Series, 3-Gun Nation and Armalite entered an agreement beginning June 1 2015, that names Armalite as the title sponsor and official rifle of 3-Gun Nation.

Joining NRA Sports, the presenting sponsor of 3GN, Armalite kick starts a new era of its own for the company, with past 3GN Champion Tommy Thacker leading one of the most storied names in all of gunmaking—with 3-Gun Nation being their major vehicle for promotion of new products, competition shooters and the Armalite brand.

“Words can’t express how excited we are to partner with 3-Gun Nation,” said Armalite President Tommy Thacker. “This partnership is a crucial step in the evolution of Armalite demonstrating that we are, once again, shaping the future with world-class products reknown in quality, performance and reliability.”

Armalite team members will be active on both the 3GN Pro and Regional Series competition circuits, with M-15 3GN rifle demo bays at select championship matches across the country, including 3GN Championship weekend at the U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma this October. At the 3GN Pro Series, 10 3GN Shoot-Off winners this season will walk away with an M-15 3GN prize rifle.

Armalite M-15 3-GUN RIFLE
Armalite M-15 3-GUN RIFLE

“Armalite’s 3-Gun Nation, presented by NRA Sports,” hits the airwaves with all new episodes this summer on The Sportsman Channel, airing Monday nights at 10 PM EST, part of The Sportsman Channel “Lock and Load” block of shooting-themed programming.

This season, every 3GN Pro’s entire season will be on the line each time the shooter steps into the start box, the only true elimination shooting format of its kind. Each Pro Series match will feature an elite field of six competitors, with only the top competitors advancing on each stage. Competitors with the bottom times are forced into a sudden-death eliminator challenge, where it’s either win or go home. Only the top two shooters from each match advance to the 3GN Championship, for a shot at the title of 3GN Champion and a prize of $50,000 from Leupold Optics and NRA Sports.

Get ready for the most intense tournament in all of competitive shooting, a pressure-cooker filmed at night, under the lights, where every single second and every shot counts—making this season of 3GN the most exciting yet! Visit:

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