Top 5 Best Broadhead For a Successful Bowhunt

By Jason Reid

Bowhunting Best Broadhead
Top 5 Best Broadheads For a Successful Bowhunt
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New York –-( Muscled tensed, you hit the same anchor point at the corner of your mouth like you had all summer long. But this isn't a foam target, what stands 25 yards away has fur and breathes.

You know food and possibly antlers are just a few seconds away from being yours. Fiber optics hover onto the one tuft of fur you picked out, you envision where the arrow will exit rather than enter.

However, you are banking on a glorified sharpened stick to get the job done. For all the marbles, a small piece of steel must get the job done through soft tissue and hard bone.

Archery broadheads are always of great debate and for good reason. There are differences in each broached although they serve the same purpose. Each person chooses a broadhead to fit their needs and personality. My needs are much different from yours. Yours are different from your friends. Having flip flopped between broad heads over the past several years, and the fall seasons on the horizon, I want to settle on a specific broadhead.

Here are my top five choices [in no particular order] for best broadhead for the 2015 hunting season.

5) Trophy Ridge Ultimate Steel 3 Blade Broadhead :

Broadheads reflect a person’s need. Last season I tried a pack of the Ultimate Steel’s since they were small and with the Scalloped ferrule, reduced drag and drift from my high-speed bow. With a 1 inch cutting diameter, the Trophy Ridge Ultimate Steel 3 Blade Broadhead heads fly just like a field point.

The Ultimate Steel™ 3-blade broadhead from Trophy Ridge features a titanium nitride-coated ferrule that provides a hardened surface for increased impact durability, reduced friction and reduced wind drag during flight.

While they got the job done in a quick manner on a big doe, the blade locking system is dependent on the pressure from your arrow and at times, the blades were difficult to install.

Although the blades are razor thin, the overall locking system worries me if being used for something like elk, but for whitetails, they are more than sufficient.

Trophy Ridge Ultimate Steel 3 Blade Broadhead
Trophy Ridge Ultimate Steel 3 Blade Broadhead

4) G5 Montec Broadhead :

A broadhead near and dear to my heart. The Montec Broadhead by G5 has served me and my family for years, notching both deer and elk tags. We began using Montecs heavily because of the one piece design in order to reduce the chances of having equipment failure in the field.

100% Carbon Steel. 25% Sharper Than Regular Montec. One-Piece Construction. Diamond Cut Sharpness With An Additional Honing Process To Maximize Blade Edge.

Fantastic penetration and bone-crushing power. My only problem with the Montec is the difficulty in resharpening an edge if you nick an edge.

3) Muzzy Trocar:

The new guy in the long respected Muzzy name. And another brand name holding a place in my heart since I killed my first deer with the classic Muzzy 3-Blade.

The Trocar is Muzzy's most accurate broadhead with its Helix Blade design to help spin and stabilize the broadhead it truly offers field point flight from a Fixed Blade broadhead. The 1 3/16″ cutting circle offers the perfect combination of lethality and accuracy, while the solid steel ferrule and .035″ thick blades offer the legendary durability Muzzy has been known for over almost 30 years.

I am considering the Muzzy Trocar Broad Head  for my new broadhead choice since it is a short ferrule and they have the right-helix blade angle design which can help with arrow stabilization. Renown toughness and a price you cannot beat.

Muzzy Trocar Broad Head
Muzzy Trocar Broad Head 

2) Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead:

With faster bows and longer shots, I have been finding myself seeking out smaller broadheads over the past several years in order to reduce the amount of drift I seem to get with slightly larger broad heads. One of the best blood trails I ever followed was from an elk a friend arrowed in Oregon’s backcountry with a Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead and they have been on my mind ever since.

Everything about this broadhead is rugged. From its stout blade locking system to its one piece stainless steel ferrule. The tapered, non-vented deadly curves blade design makes it field point accurate and silent in flight. Shuttle blade design provides the slicing surface to inflict high-volume hemorrhaging. Blades slide into the ferrule on T-Lock bases to guarantee blade retention. These heads maintain integrity through the heaviest impacts and stay assembled off the arrow. Razor-sharp chisel-style tip initiates penetration and the 0.041″ thick stainless steel blades finish the job.

The one-piece stainless steel ferrule and unique curved blades remind me of a small dart. Having a razor-sharp chisel-style tip is another aspect which has sparked my interest since many chisel tips don’t seem to have held a razor-sharp edge.

Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead
Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead 

1) Solid Broadheads Legend :

Solid Broadheads Legend series have made noise in the archery world the past several years and especially with western hunters and are high on my consideration list. Sold Broadheads are a two Samurai-style blade system with small bone fracturing blades set in the middle. The Samurai-style blades when in flight optimize spin and aerodynamics to deliver a drag-free flight.

A cut on contact designed broadhead is built with S30V stainless steel to ensure sharpness from point of contact through exit. If you want to shoot these broadheads, be prepared to pay for quality.

They come in packs of three and retail north of $70. However, in the mountains, quality means everything, you don’t remember price when looking for your peep.

Solid Broadheads Legend
Solid Broadheads Legend

About Jason Reid:
Jason Reid is a writer and business professional from upstate New York. After deciding to pursue his dream of becoming an outdoor writer, Jason started a blog from his dorm room at Houghton College, growing it and working hard to earn opportunities. While bowhunting big game is his ultimate passion, Jason welcomes all outdoor challenges which force him to push his limits. More of Jason’s work can be viewed on his website

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    1. Solid broadheads zip through game like you missed. They literally go through hogs like a knife through hot butter and hold an edge like no other on the market. There is no competition for this one and the only close runner up would be German Kinetics. And both brands are around $100 for three….not $70. Unless you’ve tried these, don’t bet against it. It is nasty and bone won’t stop it! Another awesome broadhead taking the market by storm that I’ve been testing is WAC EM’ , they’re magnificent as well. They fly true and are now my mechanical of choice to have in my quiver next to my Solid Legend 100’s.

    2. The locking system is just fine on the ultimate steel I killed three deer with the same head one shot through shoulder and spine not even a bent blade just pulled the blades sharpened and put them back ready for another deer

    3. Shot many different broadheads. The best by a long is Magnus Stingers! There are a lot of good ones they stand out though..

    4. I have been shooting 1 inch ultimate steal head for years now I see bunker head 1 inch whats the difference I wouldn’t shoot any other broad head what makes this bunker head different

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