Competitors Lead the Way for Accurate AR-15 and M4 Trigger and Carbine Control

Competitors Lead the Way for Accurate AR-15 and M4 Trigger and Carbine Control
Competitors Lead the Way for Accurate
AR-15 and M4 Trigger and Carbine Control

Las Vegas, NV -( Accu-Grip patented, adjustable trigger length AR-15 platform grips now in the hands of many competitors.

One of the first well-known competitors to use the Accu-Grip is Zachary “Zeps” Szczepkowsi, the top-ranked semi-pro in the nationally-conducted 3-Gun Nation Competition. Many others are now realizing the incredible improved trigger control and resulting accuracy made possible by the five-minute switch over to the Accu-Grip.

Accu-Grip is a unique adjustable grip for the trigger finger hand (strong hand) that creates a more ergonomically effective trigger reach. Accu-Grip “simply” adjusts the distance between the trigger surface and the shooter’s grip. For most medium and larger-handed shooters, it eliminates that strange hand position they must assume to put the first pad of their trigger finger on the trigger. For shooters with large hands or long fingers, it eliminates the need to push the trigger finger though the trigger guard to the next finger segment. In both cases, Accu-Grip makes it easier to put the first pad of the trigger finger squarely the trigger, usually resulting in far better trigger control and resulting accuracy and speed. It just feels right, too.

Accu-Grip AR-15 and M4 Trigger and Carbine Control Grip
Accu-Grip AR-15 and M4 Trigger and Carbine Control Grip

Competitors in any sport are the tip of the spear when it comes to finding equipment that gives them an edge. Investing several thousand bucks in a quick-handling, accurate, easy-to-shoot AR for funds and fame is of little consideration to most serious competitors, but when a $40.00, 5-minutes-to-install accessory can mean so much, now that is news and a big win-win bargain. And, of course it fits the M4 Military carbine and would make a great improvement for combat and law enforcement

Zeps and other top competitors are leading the way, but everyday AR shooters across the country are starting to realize that Accu-Grip can instantly create much better trigger control, speed and accuracy than anything else they can do to their AR without spending hundreds of dollars.

  • MATERIAL: The patented, all American-made Accu-Grip is molded with tough DuPont Zytel resin and long strand glass fibers, making it tougher than the original AR grips.
  • COLORS: Accu-Grips are available in black, dark earth, OD green and desert sand. Other custom colors can be created in quantity on request.
  • PRICE: $39.95 MSRP

Background and Contact Information

Installation takes about five minutes. Accu-Grip fits all Milspec and factory lowers and comes with the necessary hardware and Allen wrench for installation. After installation, adjusting the grip to fit the individual shooter takes just a few seconds with 1/10-inch incremental positive hold adjustments. The grip may be adjusted as many times as the shooter wishes.

The original military AR grip-to-trigger length is short to accommodate everyone in the service but it penalizes medium and especially larger hands. The Accu-Grip allows the shooter to incrementally adjust the critical grip-to-trigger contact up to 3.25 inches if desired. Experienced shooters will tell you it can greatly improve trigger control, resulting in more accurate shooting. It can even make a 7-pound trigger feel like a 3-pound trigger due to the improved trigger finger pull dynamics.

When adjusted beyond 5/8 inches, there is a gap behind the fully enclosed AR receiver and front edge of the grip where the thumb wraps. This gap increases as the grip length is increased for those with larger hands and longer fingers. While its looks a little different than normal, it means nothing in terms of form or function or keeping the gun “dust free.”

Then again, with all the stuff we strap on the AR, no one notices that anyway.


ACCU-GRIP is a revolutionary custom grip developed for AR15 and AK47 rifles, among others. An ambidextrous grip that actually makes your rifle fit you – as well as improve your ability to shoot accurately.

For more information, please visit

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Jeff T

Awesome product! I also just added a new drop-in trigger from and the feel is so smooth. I would recommend this grip with an Elftmann tactical trigger for the unbelievable feel and accuracy. I heard Elf is also going to be coming out with a AK47 Trigger soon. I might have to get an AK with this grip and add a new trigger.

Dennis W

Can’t get the linked Accu-Grip website to work. I guess it’s to elegant as in :
“Designed by Elegant WordPress Themes | Powered by WordPress”. I think a simpler version might improve their bottom line as I could not get on the page to buy one.

Dennis W

I clicked on the link to the Accu-Grip web site in search of more details. The elegant web site apparently designed by:
“Designed by Elegant WordPress Themes | Powered by WordPress” is so elegant that my modern computer is unable to access information beyond the pages themselves, such as the “buy one” page. What I was trying to find out was if there was any storage capability option(s) within the grip as with some others.
There is also no contact link or info on the page.
The web sit is “elegant” to the point of being dysfunctional. Something simpler please.