Crossbreed Holsters Adds To Their Modular Holster Lineup

Crossbreed Holsters Modular Holster Systems
Crossbreed Holsters Modular Holster Systems
CrossBreed Holsters
CrossBreed Holsters

Springfield Missouri – -(  CrossBreed Holsters adds a Flashlight Holder, Handcuff case and OC Carrier to their modular holster systems.

Stemming from the original Velcro Brand backed Ohai Modular Holster,

CrossBreeds’ innovative nature has taken the Ohai holster and built an entire brand including the patented BedSide Backup, Belly Band, Purse Defender and most recently the Pac Mat. The Modular system by CrossBreed® offers the ability to move a firearm from several different mounts while still in the same holster keeping the firearm safe and secure anywhere you mount it.

The addition of the new Modular Flashlight Holder, Handcuff Case and OC Carrier to their Modular holster systems gives you the ability to add to your defensive carry products in a safe and secure manner.

Find the CrossBreed Holsters modular systems at

Crossbreed Holsters Modular Holster Systems
Crossbreed Holsters Modular Holster Systems

CrossBreed Holsters has gained national recognition as a maker of the best and most functional concealment holsters available on the market today. Each holster is still handcrafted to ensure your firearm is safe and secure while carrying. Combined with the best customer service in the industry makes CrossBreed Holsters the company you can count on for all of your Conceal & Carry needs

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Patty Nun

Will you please make me a tactical flash light holster to wear on my belt. I believe it would be similar to the holster that you now offer to use with the purse defender – except it would be worn on my belt and not have Velcro. I carry a flashlight every day, either tucked in my purse or clipped to my jeans, and neither way to carry is ideal or convenient. Nor, do I trust that my flashlight is not going to slide out of my pocket – and it has. I work security at my church and need… Read more »


YES, YES, YES!!! Crossbreed, I love your products, but you are missing out on a decent chunk of the market here. You sell IWB single and double mag holsters; why don’t you sell a single IWB flashlight holster? Even better would be a combo IWB, single mag and flashlight holster. I would also be interested in what you could do about a double mag and flashlight IWB, assuming you could keep its size reasonable… Please come up with something like this. I would buy it today, and I know I’m not alone!