Eliminate the Blind Spot with the New 360 Cam from Wildgame Innovations

Wildgame innovations 360 Habitat Cam
Wildgame innovations 360 Habitat Camera
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New Roads, LA -(Ammoland.com)- Any hunter who has run trail cameras has marveled at the images they collect, yet no doubt have wondered what might have passed unseen behind or to either side of the camera setup.

The newly designed 360 Cam from Wildgame Innovations revolutionizes game scouting with 360-degree image capturing capability. Housed in the cylindrical body are six sensors all tied to a high-quality, 12 mega pixel camera that covers a 360-degree range out to 70 feet.

Once movement is detected, the unit internally repositions the camera and flash to the activated sensor. It’s like having six cameras in one! The Wildgame 360 Cam won’t just monitor a trail; it will monitor secondary trails and every bit of ground between in all directions. Place this new camera in a food plot, and you will see every bit of the action, no matter where the animal is positioned around the camera. This is a dramatic advantage over simply knowing a buck passed in front a standard trail camera setup.

The 360 Cam will take your game scouting to new levels to get the buck of a lifetime. The super-quiet infrared system in the Wildgame 360 Cam offers 70-foot illumination range for nighttime shots. The 360 Cam has a rapid trigger speed, so you’re not going to get a card full of pictures of the blurry rear-ends of mystery deer. Modes for up to 12 MP photo and HD 720p video in up to 30-second clips are available. The 360 Camera supports up to a 32GB SDHC card (not included). The camera is powered by eight AA cell batteries (not included) and has an external battery port for use with EBX (not included).

The 360 Cam from Wildgame Innovations comes with a USB cable for easy download of images, so hunters and land managers can begin to inventory animals on their property. This is especially valuable to hunters trying to determine fawn-recruitment rates and buck-to-ratios. It will also give a clear picture of predator numbers. The Wildgame 360 cam is sure to be a valuable tool for wildlife managers.

Also included with the 360 cam is a custom T-Post mounting bracket system, so there’s never a concern about being able to place the camera exactly where you want. The water resistant and weather endurable casing comes in new TRUbark HD texture camo.

For more information on the new Wildgame 360, the first “habitat” camera, please visit www.wildgameinnovations.com.

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