Fight Them Off, How After You Disarmed Us?

By John Farnam

Students of the Garissa University College, Kenya murdered in their classrooms
Students of the Garissa University College, Kenya murdered in their classrooms
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Really?

Today, a Kenyan (Africa) government spokesman, apparently with a straight face, suggested that Christian students, slain during last week’s attack by Islamic jihadists, should have “fought back!”

He further suggested, still with a straight face, that they should have “ yelled and screamed!”

I suspect they actually did take his suggestion on the latter point!

Obviously not wishing to get into details, he made no mention of exactly how these forcibly disarmed Christian students could have possible fought back effectively against heavily-armed Islamic murderers. The government had repeatedly assured Christians that they didn’t “need” guns.

Islamics obviously didn’t get that memo. They never do!

And, before we all so righteously censure the incompetence and pathetically self-righteous rationalizations of the Kenyan Government, we should all reflect that the foregoing “advice” is exactly the same as what is typically promulgated by liberal big-city mayors and police chiefs over here!

First, we’re all told that we don’t “need” guns, and further, that we’re too stupid to own them anyway, as we might hurt ourselves.

Then, when the Visigoths show up, we’re supposed to “fight them off,” with staplers and fire extinguishers! If staplers and fire extinguishers are effective fighting implements, why aren’t they issued to police and Marines?

Guns are, of course, unthinkable. Only violent criminals, and the mayor’s bodyguards, “need” guns!

It is self-righteous arrogance of these leftist politicians that annoys me most. It can be said that they have forgotten what Country they live in!

Their lives are precious, while ours are insignificant and expendable. They claim to want to “protect” us, but they’re really interested only in protecting themselves, and their cushy jobs!

We can’t have guns, but they can’t get enough, and there is apparently no limit to the amount of our money they’re willing to spend protecting themselves!

What ever happened to “public servants?

“The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sang best.” ~ Henry Van Dyke


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  • 8 thoughts on “Fight Them Off, How After You Disarmed Us?

    1. I guess the Govt SPOX would suggest the students throw textbooks, laptops, chairs at the gunmen,
      and even hide and then charge at them when they attempt a magazine change out.

      These Islamic Mass Murderers are a cancer that must be eradicated and it will take a long time to do so.

      Will the SPOX call this workplace violence?

    2. Remember: Evil exists because good men don’t kill the government officials committing it.

    3. Like the saying goes,…’it’s not about gun control,it’s about control ! The US gov’t will never take firearms from law-abidding citizens !

      1. They may not get our Guns, but they will take our Ammo! These Commie/Left/Morons can’t read either or understand the U.S. Constitution (Bill of Rights) 2nd Amendment…”Shall Not Be Infringed”…!!! I hold a JD and all Gun control Laws are illegal on the face…PERIOD..!!! Those 4 words don’t need to be Interpreted by any court, you would have to be brain dead not to understand them..!!!

        1. USPOne: You, sir, are absotively 100% correct. For those who “no comprende”, I refer you to the Supreme Court’s Marbury decision, which states in part that anything, even in the form of “law”, that contradicts our Constitution is null and void at inception, and “…creates no duty to obey.” The importance of this grows as we speak; ignore at your peril…

    4. The left wing lunatic politicians do not want their subjects armed because they could pose a grave danger to their positions, power, and lives.

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