Fire Up The Gobblers with the New Thunder Spit-N-Drum from Flextone

Thunder Spit-N-Drum
Thunder Spit-N-Drum
Flextone Game Calls
Flextone Game Calls

Broussard, LA -( There are few sounds in nature as exciting as a turkey’s thundering gobble rattling the spring woods.

When a turkey hunt is going well, the right calls can produce reactions and interactions from gobblers that will send shivers down a hunter’s spine. Calling is so much fun and such an intricate part of turkey hunting that at times can cause wise old toms to become call shy.

Some gobblers have heard it all a few weeks into the hunting season and are reluctant to come into standard calls. With the new Thunder Spit-N-Drum in your turkey vest, you can guarantee a hung-up gobbler hasn’t heard it all. The new Thunder Spit-N-Drum from Flextone Game Calls produces the chill-bump-raising sounds made by a mature gobbler when he is strutting. Most serious turkey hunters have at least once worked a gobbling bird that went silent.

While thinking the hunt was over, it was the spitting-and-drumming sounds produced by the sly gobbler that alerted the hunter a strutter was moving in. Used in conjunction with a strutting decoy, Flextone’s Thunder Spit-N-Drum provides the perfect audio reassurance to an incoming bird that another gobbler is courting hens in his territory. The new Thunder Spit-N-Drum is great in situations where a gobbler is hung up due to terrain, vegetation or plain stubbornness.

Even if the gobbler can’t see the decoys, he will certainly hear the Spit-N-Drum. A jealous gobbler is a gobbler that is about to be in gun range.

Thunder Spit-N-Drum From Flextone:

  • Produces spit-and-drum sounds of strutting gobbler.
  • Vocal reassurance when using strutting decoys.
  • Deadly on call-shy, hung-up gobblers.

The Spit-N-Drum is the latest in a broad line of innovative, quality products from Flextone. The company was established in 1997 when founder Tom Wiley was working in an emergency room and transformed a piece of surgical tubing into a more natural sounding duck call. Wiley realized that the soft rubber tubing imitated the same soft flexible tissue found in the throats and mouths of most game animals. It is these soft, flexible chambers that give inflection and meaning to vocalizations, and it is what sets Flextone Game Calls apart.

Tom’s newest designs are the Thunder Series of turkey calls, and these calls are sure to take the term revolutionary to a whole new level. These are hybrids between hand-held and diaphragm calls, and they make it simple to reproduce all turkey vocalizations. The Thunder Series from Flextone includes the Thunder Gobble, Thunder Cut’N, Thunder Cluck-N-Purr, Thunder Yelper and the new Thunder Spit-N-Drum.

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About Flextone Game Calls

Flextone Game Calls are designed to more accurately mimic the anatomy of a game animal by using both hard and soft flexible parts. They incorporated a hard plastic or metal tone-board with reed to imitate the soft tissue chambers of the neck and mouth of an animal. The design produces a truer, more natural sound as well as giving the user more control of volume, tone, and inflection just like the animals they were designed to imitate. The design is also nearly silent if accidentally contacting your gun or bow while in the field. Flextone now has a full line of deer, elk, predator, turkey, and waterfowl calls using this patented technology.

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Turkey in the Craw

Its unubtanium – until its not .. ‘coming soon’ supposedly

The Rifleman

Sounds like a great device for turkey hunting. Too bad you can’t buy it anywhere, not even at the promoted web site, ! Go figure…