Fl Campus Carry Stalled In Senate Committee, Attempt To Run Out The Clock on the Bill

Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla
Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla
Florida Carry
Florida Carry

Florida – -(Ammoland.com)- The Judiciary Committee Chair, Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla refuses to calendar the campus carry bill.

The college campus carry bill, SB 176, is now stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee is under bombardment by Bloomberg’s gun control groups generated propaganda including a new television ad, and the chair, Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, Has not yet to put the bill on the committee calendar.

Its House companion bill, HB 4005, has completed all of its committee stops, having been reported favorably at each one with bipartisan support, and now awaits SB 176.

Senate President, Andy Gardiner, also refuses to see to it that the two remaining committee chairmen calendar the bill despite its companion bill’s overwhelming success in the House.

This is intolerable!!!

Through his resistance to calendar SB 176, Sen. Diaz de la Portilla is ignoring the success of the House companion bill for his own personal reasons, and denying the bill its deserved consideration by the remaining Senate committees. This is an intentional attempt at running out the clock, so fellow Senators are not put in the position of having to vote yea or nay on the right to bear arms on campus.

In this way, they can claim support for self defense by honestly saying they’ve never voted against a pro-gun bill.

It’s easy to say that when one doesn’t have to vote at all!

ACTION: Friends, we need to melt down the email servers and phone lines of the Senate President, the Chairmen of the final two Senate committees, and the committee members themselves.

If we don’t do this, campus carry dies here and now. There simply isn’t time for the House bill to make it all the way through the Senate committees, and it will see the same resistance as SB 176.

Remember that whether you contact the committee members either by email or by phone, to be courteous and respectful above all else. Be sure to keep your message brief, and thank them for their time.

In the subject line put: Calendar SB 176 Immediately!

(Block and Copy All email addresses into the “Send To” box)

[email protected][email protected][email protected];

Sample Body:

Dear Senator,

The fact that SB 176 has not been placed on the calendar of the Senate Judiciary Committee is unacceptable. This bill is opposed by big money from out of state, but we Floridians are the ones who will live under the law. Its companion bill in the House has been reported favorably by all assigned committees and is now awaiting action by the Senate.

The failure to calendar the bill appears to be a hollow attempt at protecting Senators from having to go on record with a position on the bill. That one Senator has the ability to run out the clock on an timely and important bill, with similar bills being heard in a dozen other states, is completely unacceptable.

This is about licensed adults, responsibly protecting themselves on campus, just as they do off campus, and over a quarter century of statistics from the Licensing Department of DOACS as proof.

Calendar SB 176 NOW!.

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After intense pressure from Florida patriots, HB-4005 Campus Carry,  PASSED the House Judiciary Committee by a Vote of 12-3.  4/3/2015 This was the last committee hearing for his bill.  It is now ready for the House Floor.

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Florida Carry, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental rights of all Floridians to keep and bear arms for self-defense as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, Sections 2 and 8 of the Florida Constitution. Florida Carry stands to represent our supporters, members, and millions of defensive arms owners of Florida. We are not beholden to any national organization’s agenda that may compromise that mission.

Florida Carry works tirelessly toward striking down ill-conceived gun and weapons control laws that have been proven to provide safe havens to criminals and be deadly to law-abiding citizens.

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Did this dude come over on the Cuban flotilla back in the ’80’s ? Deport this boy back to Cuba !


Gov.Scott needs to intervene and force a vote ! He does have that authority too !

The Dude

What’s wrong moderator upset with my comment earlier that pointed out he is a Republicon not Republicon- lite ( Democon).

The Dude

He is a Republican


Just another Republican senator from Florida. Very few solid pro gun senators, and it has always been that way. There are a lot more good House reps in Tallahassee


I wonder if the Castro brothers hold sway over Florida Democrats?


He is a Republican. The assumption of your comment is disturbing. It is why the wheels are spinning in many states.


@stateisevil -.I was just asking a question about Florida Democrats.. By your response I can only conclude that Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla is a Republican in name only (RINO). In other words he may as well be a Democrat. You Sir are the one making assumptions here! If you found my post disturbing, Too Bad!


Done, and forwarded to another.


Another demo-rat in the image Harry sleeze Reed. VOTE HIM OUT!!!!


Why is it I read about individuals arrested and charged with “attempting to influence a public official” all the time, but when these special interest groups spend mega bucks to influence new laws or how the politicians vote that seems to be OK. It is clear that what they are doing is attempting to influence a public official. Anyone care to explain that? Yeah! I know it is called lobbying, but it is no different.


If you’re talking about out-of-state money and influence, your point is well-taken.
If you’re talking about Floridians appropriately pressuring their officials, that’s another story.


At election time the people can get their revenge by voting this libiturd out of office, he is listening to the thugs from bloombug plus he is an outspoken anti gunner, his actions speak for him. he pushes through all the anti gun bills as fast as he can but the pro gun bills get stopped. he needs to be voted out of office and sent back to cuba.

Jesse Scott

Cowardly. ..you will be remembered.