Florida Senate President Andy Gardiner Orders Campus Carry Bill Killed

Florida Senate President Andy Gardiner
Florida Senate President Andy Gardiner Orders Campus Carry Bill Killed
Florida Carry
Florida Carry

Florida – -(Ammoland.com)- ALERT: Florida Senate President Andy Gardiner (R-13) uses Harry Reid RINO tactics to suppress YOUR civil rights and instead supports gun-hating progressive Democrat agenda

Senate Judiciary Committee chair Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla places bill on today's calendar, ordered to remove, and not to recalendar by Gardiner

Florida Carry has learned that SB 176, the college campus carry bill whose companion in the House, HB 4005 has already cleared all committees, has been ordered killed by one person – Senate President Andy Gardiner.

After staff for Senate Judiciary Committee chair Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla assured Florida Carry that SB 176 would be heard April 7th 2015, Sen. Gardiner immediately ordered that the bill be removed from the calendar and not to reschedule it. Clearly caving to the anti-gun Senate Democrats rather than abiding the pro-gun Republican platform.

The House Campus Carry bill (HB 4005) sailed through all House committees with substantial bipartisan support. Representative Rehwinkel Vasilinda (D-9, Leon County), a college professor, felt compelled to testify before the House Higher Education committee about her personal experience with a violent sexual assault during her college years that was only stopped because she was able to access her firearm to end the attack.

Yet, Senate President Andy Gardiner would deny you that life saving access to self-defense.

Senator Diaz de la Portilla attempted to do the work of the people, but by intentionally preventing the bill from being heard, Sen. Gardiner will be personally responsible for the continuation of the same failed policies that lead to the brutal rape of Amanda Collins.

Ordering a committee chairperson not to calendar pro-self-defense legislation is a tactic worthy only of Democrat former US Senate President Harry Reid.

This is intolerable, unacceptable, and completely reprehensible. And we need to let Senator Andy Gardiner know exactly what we think of his liberal tactics of repression.

Please IMMEDIATELY contact Senator Gardiner and tell him that carrying water for Senate Democrats by blocking a vote on SB 176 is unacceptable and beneath a Republican Senate President!

As always, please be respectful but stern in your communications to the Senator. We know that may be difficult but please try.

[email protected]

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Tallahassee Office
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Florida Carry is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental civil right of all Floridians to keep and bear arms for self defense as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I Section 8 of the Florida Constitution. Florida Carry, Inc. was organized by a group of Florida gun rights activists in order to better coordinate activities, effectively lobby the state legislature, and to provide a legal entity capable of filing suit to demand compliance with state and federal law. Florida Carry stands only to represent our members and the over 6 million gun owners of Florida. We are not beholden to any national organization's agenda that may compromise that mission.

Florida Carry works tirelessly toward repealing and striking down ill-conceived gun control laws that have been proven to provide safe havens to criminals and be deadly to law abiding citizens.

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Update 3:00pm 4/8/2015 from Florida Senate President Andy Gardiner's team:

“Good Afternoon. Thanks for taking my call earlier today regarding Florida Senate President Andy Gardiner’s position on Senate Bill 176.

Unfortunately, the information provided to your blog provides some inaccurate information on the legislation as it relates to Florida’s legislative process, while grossly mischaracterizing President’s Gardiner and his record on the Second Amendment.

President Gardiner has been a strong defender of our Second Amendment rights, receiving straight A ratings from the NRA throughout his 14 years of service in the Florida Legislature. The Senators who Chair our committees make the final decision on what bills receive a hearing in their committees. Additionally, in Florida the Senate Calendar refers to bills that are ready to be heard on the Senate Floor. SB 176 was never listed on the Senate Calendar as the bill has two additional committee stops before it can be considered for a vote on the floor.

In short, President Gardiner has in no way “ordered the bill killed.”

We would appreciate any update you can provide [your readers].

Thank you,
Katie Betta
Deputy Chief of Staff of Communications
[email protected]

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    1. OUT! Out, damned spot!
      There is no excuse or explanation that can justify this betrayal.
      Yo, Mr. Senate President. You be GONE.

      1. Ridiculous.
        You can’t back that assertion up with any available evidence, because there IS none.

    2. OK,gang, if we have a massacre on a college campus in Florida, we all know who was instrumental in preventing anyone from self defense. Don’t forget this guy./

    3. I have to question his motives he has been pro 2AM for 14 years so what happened now? Someone is pulling his strings he wouldn’t jeopardize his career unless the string puller was pretty big and could assure him that they could replace all the lost GOP votes he about to lose

    4. Hahaha, the Repubes are so done!!
      There is really 2 Demoratic Parties in the US, the DNC then the stealth GopDNC.
      Never a repube vote from us again!

    5. It looks like he needs to have a recall vote taken on him. he needs to be removed from office what he did was illegal and so he needs to be removed. The best way to do that is to have a recall election, then slam a prison door behind him.

    6. What the the hell is the point of voting for Republicans at the local,state,or federal level anymore ?

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