Haug Manufacturing Gives Shooters the Confidence They Demand for Critical Shooting

New Extreme Duty Stud Mount Bi-pod Line Takes Shooting to a New Standard

HAUG Mount
HAUG Mount
HAUG Manufacturing
HAUG Manufacturing

United States -(Ammoland.com)- Recently launched in the United States, HAUG Manufacturing is creating a buzz among industry insiders and top shooters alike.

Reason? Innovation and quality are the hallmark traits that have led HAUG to rethink the traditional bi-pod design. After all, the world’s best optics cannot deliver a quality sight picture without a solid platform. Fortunately, HAUG’s Extreme Duty Stud Mount Bi-Pods provide an unmatched foundation and the operational characteristics shooters have demanded.

Built in the USA, HAUG’s Extreme Duty Stud Mount Bi-Pods are more than capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding shooters. Whether harvesting a trophy animal, winning a gold medal or when a single shot could mean the difference between life and death, HAUG’s Extreme Duty Stud Mount Bi-Pods should be your only choice.

The patent pending Extreme Duty Stud Mount Bi-pod is built to meet the same demanding requirements as HAUG Mfg.’s Tactical bi-pods. The Stud Mount Bi-pod features larger diameter legs with a thicker wall. Combined, this provides more strength than any competing model. However, knowing bigger is not always better HAUG’s engineers added the stronger legs without encumbering the shooter by adding unnecessary weight.

HAUG Stand
HAUG Stand

A smooth, precision operation can be expected from the Extreme Duty Stud Mount Bi-pod. HAUG crafts all hardware with precision machining to ensure a tight, close-tolerance fit. For the ultimate in adjustability and adaptability, the Extreme Duty Stud Mount Bi-pod’s pivot function (on pivot models only) is controlled by a locking lever. The lever allows the user to lock the Stud Mount Bi-pod in any position, as well as set the tension. The pivot stabilizer assists bringing the bi-pod to center and removing slack when pivoting for smooth controlled motion.

To complete the package, HAUG adds a durable MIL-SPEC matte black finish to keep the shooter concealed when necessary and well complimented when showing off their wares at the range. Quality starts at the manufacturing level. The hardiest design on paper will experience failure in the field without the right materials, construction and quality control — three areas in which HAUG Manufacturing’s products excel. Added to that — and not as visible to the end user — is the effort and forethought HAUG’s engineers place on market research, testing the failure points of current models offered by competitors, and the engineering to build a truly superior product.

This process not only sets the new line of Extreme Duty Stud Mount Bi-Pods apart from the competition, but all HAUG Manufacturing products ABOVE the competition.

To learn more about the new Extreme Duty Stud Mount Bi-Pod from HAUG Manufacturing, visit www.haugmanufacturing.com.

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