Iowa House Vote on Omnibus Gun Bill Expected Wednesday

Iowa Firearms Coalition
Iowa Firearms Coalition

IOWA – -( Iowa Firearms Coalition (IFC) volunteers working within the capitol tell us SF427 (the new Omnibus Gun Bill) is expected to be called to a vote in the Iowa House of Representatives sometime Wednesday.

Very briefly, SF427 and its amendment appear to be our best shot at getting the Omnibus Gun Bill to Governor Terry Branstad's desk and signed into law.

Other paths to success still remain, but presently SF427 is our best option. As we've told you previously we believe the Omnibus Gun Bill should pass the House with relative ease. As long as that happens the bill then goes back to the Senate. They've already passed the legalizing suppressors portion of this bill, what the Senate would then have to do is approve the House's amendment that restored the Omnibus Gun Bill language.

This must be done by a vote of the entire Senate, and it's up to Senate leadership to schedule this issue for a vote sometime between now and the end of the 2015 legislative session. They've said they want to pass a pro-gun bill this session, and SF427 and its amendment represent a golden opportunity for them to put their money where their mouths are.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves we're focused on getting this bill through Iowa House of Representatives.You can live stream the House vote through the Iowa Legislature's website. The House is slated to start work at 8:30 tomorrow morning. We've been told the vote should be one of the first things addressed, although the schedule is always subject to change, so be prepared for things to shift around on short notice. A short time ago we uploaded a new video to our YouTube account detailing why we're pushing so hard to repeal Iowa's current ban on supervised youth handgun training. The video was produced by one of our volunteers, and does excellent job explaining why it's so important that we repeal this ban and allow parents to properly teach their kids gun safety. Please take a look and feel free to share it.

We'll have another update following the vote in the House. We'll be posting updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts throughout the day. Please feel free to join the conversation.

About Iowa Firearms Coalition:

The mission of the Iowa Firearms Coalition is to be THE firearms rights organization in Iowa, representing Second Amendment concerns for all firearms owners in the state. We will staunchly defend the rights of hunters and sportsmen as well as the rights of all Iowans to defend themselves and their loved ones. We seek to partner with other like-minded organizations to increase our effectiveness in accomplishing these goals. Visit:

Iowa Firearms Coalition
Iowa Firearms Coalition
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