Iowa Senate Democrats Attempting Bait & Switch on Omnibus Gun Bill


Firearms Shell Game
Firearms Shell Game
Iowa Firearms Coalition
Iowa Firearms Coalition

IOWA – -( The anti-gunners have finally shown their hand on SF425, and what they’re attempting is cringeworthy.

Democrats in the Iowa Senate plan to bring a “gun bill” to the floor for a vote as early as tomorrow (Tuesday). What they’re planning to do though is continue to ignore you, Iowa’s law enforcement, and the hundreds of thousands of Iowans who’d benefit from the Omnibus Gun Bill.

If they get their way they’d never bring SF425 to a vote, ever. What they’re currently doing is systematically cherry picking what they want from the Omnibus Gun Bill and inserting it into a different bill, SF427. They’ve already begun this process. Their goal is to play a shell game with lots of moving parts and at the last minute push through a watered down version of the Omnibus Gun Bill. For example…

  • SF427 contains what looks like a gun owner privacy protection provision. In reality, it’s written in a way that continues to allow the media to access and publicize your private information.
  • SF427 contains nothing about repealing Iowa’s archaic ban on youth handgun training. Under this new imposter bill you’d still be a criminal for training your kids on proper gun safety.

Meanwhile, they’re taking all of the non-gun provisions in the Omnibus Gun Bill and inserting them into this new bill SF427. They want to give everyone exactly what they want, unless you’re a gun owner.

They’ve waited until the last minute to do this in hopes that we wouldn’t catch wind of their games. They’re ignoring you, every single phone call you’ve made, every email you’ve sent, and the tens of thousands of messages they’ve received in favor of SF425. They’re ignoring the law enforcement community who’ve endorsed the every part of the Omnibus Gun Bill. They’re refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming number of legislators who want SF425 passed as is. And their continuing to ignore the fact that this bill has already passed 5 massive bi-partisan votes. When you consider all this, their desperation is rather obvious.

None of this bodes well for them, and that’s why they’re trying rush this through as quickly and quietly as possible. To ignore all this, wait until the 11th hour and then let a small minority of anti-gun Senators re-write a perfectly good bill at last second is the epitome of what’s wrong with politics in our country.

The fact is, we know what we’re doing on SF425 is right.

We know we have the votes. We know we have the support of our fellow Iowans. We know that the anti-gunners wouldn’t resort to these types of last minute procedural moves if they weren’t out maneuvered, out numbered and desperate.

One final note: SF427, the minority anti-gun Democrat’s attempt to water down the Omnibus Gun Bill does not make the original version disappear. This is a desperate Hail Mary pass to see if we’ll get rattled and settle for less. Regardless of the outcome on SF427, the original, full version, SF425 will remain eligible for a vote. This is the last thing they want you to know, they can still bring SF425 to a vote AS IS.

Things are moving at an extremely quick pace and we’ll be updating you as often as we can. In the mean time thank you for all the calls and emails. The anti-gunners wouldn’t be pulling a stunt like this if it wasn’t for all the pressure you’ve been applying for months. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, and make sure you know exactly what’s going on.

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