Kalashnikov USA Announces Move To South Florida

Kalashnikov USA to relocate facility to South Florida.

Kalashnikov USA
Kalashnikov USA Announces Move To Florida
Kalashnikov USA
Kalashnikov USA

Tullytown, Pa. (Ammoland.com) – Kalashnikov USA , manufacturer of Kalashnikov style firearms, announces the company will relocate to South Florida.

The new facility will include corporate offices and allow for manufacturing, warehousing and shipping functions to occur in one location. The move, which will take place over the next several months, will not affect the projected 2015 second quarter shipping of the new Kalashnikov USA firearms.

“With the growth of the company, manufacturing requirements and the rebranding efforts now underway, Kalashnikov USA felt the time was right to move the headquarters where we can incorporate our new manufacturing capabilities,” Thomas McCrossin, CEO of Kalashnikov USA said.

“Our new facility in South Florida offers the opportunity to expand as we grow while offering customers increased customer support and firearms produced using the latest manufacturing technologies and materials.”

The new US132 modern rifle and US109 tactical shotgun are on target to be released by early summer 2015 incorporating the new Kalashnikov USA slogan “Russian Heritage  / American Innovation.”

For more information on Kalashnikov USA, visit www.kalashnikov-usa.com. Stay up to date on the latest news from Kalashnikov USA on Facebook.

About Kalashnikov USA:

Kalashnikov USA is committed to designing and manufacturing new and innovative firearms for the American audience based on the iconic Russian design. www.kalashnikov-usa.com

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Davis Johnson

I heard they bought the Redneck yacht club land and are moving there.

nidal shehadeh

Pompano Beach Florida
according to the Russian news network RT TV , on the show boom and bust Pompano Beach Florida is the location of the new factory you probably could google it and see if your cell phone internet


why dont they consider oklahoma its in the middle of the us whch will cut down on shipping cost, we are gun friendly and wouild probably give tax cut to a manufacturing co. of that size/


With an antigun AG & now Gov. and gun owners who couldn’t be bothered to turn out in large numbers to tell legislators what to do is it any wonder that companies are leaving PA for more gun friendly States? PA is on a Bloomberg fast tract.


PA WILL hold the line on 2nd Amendment issues. PA has over 80 million hunters and gun owners and a large number of Oathkeepers. Hopefully, our AG will be canned as we have some awesome state representatives and senators. We may have elected a DemocRAT gov., however, we gained more seats in the house and senate. The total opposite of MD, got a Repub. gov., but rats still control house and senate. True a number of morons did not come out and vote for Corbett but hopefully Wolf will be neutered and will be a 1 term Gov. as people… Read more »


Good luck to you in PA. I know the North has become increasingly liberal, stop the bleeding, we need PA back in the win column for our freedoms.

F Obama

We need these liberl morons in the Northeast to be voted out like Malloy in CT and Warren in MA. When will these liberal idiot citizens wake the F up??!!


Khorosho, Avtomatik Kalashnikova! Say do svidanya to those ultraliberal anti-gun bastards in Pennsylvania! You will be greeted with flowers and hugs in Florida.


“According to the Miami Herald, Bradenton, Florida. Just North of Sarasota. That goes for CAA-USA, too…

Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2015/04/kalashnikov-usa-announce-move/#ixzz3ZBAlz5Im
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution ”

I wonder if they will give tours and/or have a public shop there too? I get down there at least once a year as my parents live in Sarasota…


According to the Miami Herald, Bradenton, Florida. Just North of Sarasota. That goes for CAA-USA, too…


Word around the campfire is that Kalishnikov USA and Command Arms (CAA) are tired of the bullshit they face every day from the Philly Democrats, CeaseFirePA, and the impending doom many are predicting under the new Wolf administration. There are tons of manufacturing sites in PA, with rail sidings, and ample room for all operations. I’m not buying the “official” story for one minute.



There moving their Headquarters, Not their Manfacturing.


Second para indicates corporate, manufacturing and warehousing in one location. Wouls seem they are moving lock stock and barrel.


Kalashnikov USA felt the time was right to move the headquarters where we can incorporate our new Manufacturing capability’s.

sounds like its gonna be both

John G

“South Florida” is a very big place, which city? or which county? Any job openings? And welcome to S. Florida, where ever it is.