Kansas Gov. ‘Ignores’ Moms Demand: Signs Bill Abolishing Concealed Permit Requirement

By AWR Hawkins

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On April 2 2015, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) signed SB 45, abolishing the need for a concealed carry permit in order to carry a concealed handgun in the state.

This means Kansas joins Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, and Wyoming in doing away with concealed carry permit requirements and also joins Montana, which has done away with a concealed permit requirement outside of city limits in that state.

The Kansas City Star reports that the new law will go into effect on July 1.

Kansas will continue to offer concealed carry permit courses and licenses for those who want to get them in order to enjoy reciprocity with the 36 other states that recognize Kansas licenses, but no license will be necessary in order to carry inside Kansas’s borders.

When signing the bill, Brownback talked of how “carrying a gun is a constitutional right” and added, “We’re saying if you want to do that in this state, then you don’t have to get a permission slip from the government.”

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s TerriLynn Barnett Miller said her group opposed SB 45 to no avail. The Topeka Capital-Journal quotes Miller as saying her group “spoke out against this dangerous setback for public safety [but] Governor Brownback ignored [them].”

Another loss for Moms Demand Action, another win for freedom.

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Way to go KANSAS !! Now we need to work on the 15 states/DC that won’t allow reciprocity/recognition. There are two good bills in Congress right now. But doesn’t matter, the current occupant of the White House would never sign them and there are not enough votes to override a veto. South Dakota just passed an “enhanced” concealed carry designed specifically to obtain reciprocity/recognition with all 36 states that do so. South Dakota’s current concealed carry (which remains on the books – we can choose which we want) is not recognized by two of our neighbors, Nebraska and Minnesota, and… Read more »

Pete Sanders

Yes 1 – 0 for the constitutional right to carry a concealed gun. Does it mean that my 9 year old can carry one under his shirt to school for safety reason from bullies and gangs or from an other mad student that want to do a shooting at school ?

Ray Burke

Great news !!! The second amendment is slowly gaining ground. The gun grabbers have to be apoplectic !!! The Constitution is still alive and well !!! Hold their feet to the fire, people !!! Make them do our bidding !!!


Way to go Gov Brownback!!! Maybe Texas Gov Abbott will get on the bandwagon! Wouldn’t that be a sweet dream…come on Gov Abbott…WOOHOO!!!


Good on ‘ya, Governor!!!


Way togo govenor Brownback. Thank you Terry Bruce ,Good job.


Looks like KS will be the model for the rest of our great country.

Criminals don’t need a permit, why do we?


License fees for state treasuries equates to one hell of a lot of money. Most states that don’t have constitutional carry concealed/open,probably want to but can’t give up all the revenue that license/permit fees generate. States that have constitutional carry/no license required to carry concealed,are as pro-2A as it gets and I salute them. Just an observation.


I don’t see what the moms have to worry about. Most people wh carry will not screw up by using the weapon. It would mean prosecution and the loss to carry. I never heard of any liscensed concealed carriers befor using their guns unlafully before. Maybe there would be less killed by nutcases because there would be the intimination of legal concealed carriers in more places. Itt’ll work.


Bravo Governor! Another attaboy for our Constitution!!

Bob Shell

5 down 45 to go . Great job Governor


Stop, wait, listen. That’s the sound of whiny Mommies wringing their hands and throwing themselves in front of trains. Well, okay, maybe they’ll just all call for a boycott of Kansas instead like that very successful one they had at Kroger’s.


You do not need to show any ID to be in this country if you are illegal, no ID to vote, why the hell should I have a stupid card to carry a weapon, the only one of the three that is actually constitutionally protected.


I Wonder how fast muggings are going to decline?


Congrats to the folks in Kansas! Wonderful news.

By the way, why do folks forget that Arkansas also has permitless carry?


Awesome! Good to know! Thank you!!!


This is great for Kansas ! What makes it even sweeter is Shannon Watts and her losers are starting to find out how irrelevant they actually are.


I wonder if anyone really listened to them in the first place, they scream and holler and jump around like a bunch of monkeys in a zoo,. there are a great many places that just let what they had to say go in one ear and out the other, nothing they have to say matters anyway, after all they work for bloombug. Stop, listen, whats that sound, it is the sound of all the mummies crying about another huge loss, there’s nothing they can do.


Good for Kansas Piss on the liberal anti-gun 2nd amendment idiots from the left coast and from the idiot Yankees in NYC yes that means you dumb shit bloomberg