Melissa Joan Hart Signs Up As Gun Control Talking Head for Attack on U.S. Gun Owners

By AWR Hawkins

Melissa Joan Hart
Melissa Joan Hart Signs Up As Gun Control Talking Head for Attack on U.S. Gun Owners
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Actress Melissa Joan Hart–Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melissa and Joey–will be spokeswoman for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s new gun control campaign when it kicks off Mother’s Day week on May 4.

Hart is also well known for her role opposite Anthony Anderson in numerous 2014 Walmart Christmas commercials.

 Bloomberg Business reports that Moms Demand Action’s new gun control push includes an “index” to track accidental firearm deaths, murders, and suicides involving children. The push includes the hashtag #NotAnAccident. The goal is pressure lawmakers for more laws mandating the way firearms must be stored in homes.

The #NotAnAccident index will lump together teen accidental deaths, murders, and suicides with those of children, which opens the door to higher murder numbers due to gang-related issues.

The gun control push will also include the launch of the Be SMART campaign, which asks “parents and caretakers” in the home to: “Secure all guns in your home and vehicles; Model responsible behavior around guns; Ask about the presence of unsecured guns in other homes; Recognize the risks of teen suicide; Tell your peers to be SMART.”

Moms Demand Action will kick off the campaign in DC on Monday and Melissa Joan Hart will be front and center. Bloombert Business indicates Hart will be flanked by “gun violence survivors, gun owners, and moms [who] will gather in the nation’s capitol to release the index and launch the Be SMART campaign.”

This gun control push comes just eight months after The Washington Post reported that no one really knows how often a child pulls the trigger on a gun.

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Tenring Rob

So what if shes older, losing her hair or put on 50 more pounds? She doesn’t have a clue about firearms. If you don’t like them, fine. Tell your bodyguard to leave his at home and take your chances.

Bob Sadtler

This is the same woman who is pushing Nutrisystem, right? Let’s all show up with cartons of Haagen Daz, big buckets of fried chicken, french fries, milkshakes…

Oh, and LOTS of oversized sugary drinks for the malignant dwarf!

Bob Shell

Another has been & irrelevant person desperate for some publicity will go to any lengths to get in print.


Wow. She should never go strapless.


I recommend a doggie shock collar !

Brad Lee

They must really be getting desperate. They are losing big time and they know it, so they run out some tired old has been of an actress thinking that will make up for their lack of knowledge and facts on the subject of guns. And will some how counter the fact that they are in the minority in this country.

Old Curmudgeon

Melissa who??


Another “Old Curmudgeon” thought the same thing! Guns are neat, generally well-behaved, if you give them a little TLC now and then; never have a temper-tantrum, don’t mind being left alone and locked up, appreciate their owner taking them out for a little exercise now and then. AND they now come in all the colors of the rainbow.


what is with the bare spot on her forehead? looks like it might have said stupid,
and she ground it off with a sander. now she’s going to this group for education,
she might want the new tattoo that the rest of this group has. FAIL.


Another blonde bimbo thinking that it knows what is best for this country, I myself am a gun owner as well as the victim of gun violence, if this thing known as melissa thinks she is going to change my mind on the guns that I have well she can just go suck a pickle. The only thing they know how to push with that mommies demand is fear, that is the only thing they know.


Melissa you Can’t Understand Normal Thinking!


Melissa Who? Wow, has she really gone down hill. Besides, ‘mothers’ considers every gang-banger under 30 a ‘child’ so they include all the criminals killed as an ‘occupational hazard’ in there totally bogus data. They should try keeping data on injuries and deaths caused by bath tubs. Now that I got that rant off my chest. The best way to combat the blatent lies and dis-information of Bloomberg and Co. is with the truth. Educate the ignorant. If we each educate just ONE person per month (not counting the choir who already know and believe) to the FACTS about gun… Read more »


The “gun owners” that are set to take the stage with her are what we call TRAITORS.