Mentored Pennsylvania Youth 7 and Older to Receive Deer, Turkey Tags

Special Spring Turkey Hunts
Pennsylvania Game Commission
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Pennsylvania -( The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today gave final approval to a measure that will require any antlered deer or turkey harvested by a Mentored Youth hunter younger than 7 to be taken with valid harvest tags provided by his or her adult mentor.

Antlered deer and spring turkey harvest tags would be issued only as part of the Mentored Youth Hunting Permits issued to Mentored Youth ages 7 through 11.

There still is no minimum age to participate in Pennsylvania’s Mentored Youth Hunting Program.

And there is no minimum age for Mentored Youth to hunt deer and turkey.

The transfer of an adult mentor’s tag to a Mentored Youth hunter is not new to the Mentored Youth Hunting Program. In fact, any harvests of antlerless deer or fall turkeys by Mentored Youth hunters must be taken with valid harvest tags provided by an adult mentor.

In voting to approve the measure, the commissioners noted their continuing concerns over purported harvests by extremely young Mentored Youth that, in actuality, are unlawful harvests by their adult mentors.

The proposal addresses that concern, while continuing to give parents the opportunity to introduce their children to hunting at ages they consider appropriate.

Commissioners noted that since January, when the board preliminarily approved the measure, they have received much feedback from hunters who said they support the proposal. Commissioner James Daley asked that, in the future, look at how the proposal might affect sportsmen’s clubs that host hunts for Mentored Youth.

The Mentored Youth Hunting Program was established in 2006 to give children 11 and younger the opportunity to experience hunting in a tightly controlled setting.

At present, Mentored Youth may only hunt deer, turkeys, squirrels, woodchucks and coyotes. And the Mentored Youth and adult mentor, together, may only possess one sporting arm between them while hunting. The adult mentor also must carry the sporting arm at all times while moving.

All Mentored Youth hunters must obtain a $2.70 permit that is valid during the license year in which they hunt. Deer and spring turkey harvest tags would continue to be issued for Mentored Youth ages 7 and older.

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Margarita Yerk

My 10 year old grandson would love to go hunting, but he will need a mentor. His uncle who was an avid hunter was going to take him, but he passed away one year ago. Where can we find a mentor near Trexlertown PA.
Thank you!

Robert Garner

My 8 year old daughter and myself are enjoying opening day in pa. We are cooking steaks and having a great time. Our rifle is on a tripod. We carried all our gear on foot. Gun safety is taught. Thank you Pa game commission.


So the PA state game commission, in an effort to probably bring in more FUNDS for the commission at the EXSPENSE of our young chilxren and grandchildren ALLOW them at the tender age of 7 to go out into the woods during hunting season, even though must be with an adult, I feel is ludicrise, I dont know of MANY “millinials” mature enough to be in the woods themselves, let alone responsible for a small child as well. THIS is why I strongly encourage my proffessional children as well as myself & husband when able to retire to MOVE the… Read more »

Nicholas Kostella, Jr

Oh wow! Teaching a child to use and respect a firearm is one of the greatest lessons a child can learn. My father taught me the correct way to use firearms for target shooting as well as providing meat for the family. Lessons I would never have learned anywhere else. Now, not every child may have the interest in shooting or hunting and that is okay as well, but those who do have an interest can be taught valuable lessons. Respect, responsibility and the possible dangers that firearms could be are lessons many need to learn. Knowing the power and… Read more »