NAIA Welcomes a New Member to its Board of Trustees

NAIA Trust
NAIA Trust Welcomes New Board Member
NAIA Trust
NAIA Trust

United States -( NAIA Trust, an organization that was founded to safeguard the rights of responsible animal owners, is pleased to announce the election of Stormy Hope to its board.

Because of her experience in working for animals and responsible animal policies, Mrs. Hope is an ideal addition to the NAIA Trust Board. Stormy Hope has been an effective advocate for animals and their owners for most of her life.

She is a founding member and long-term officer of the California Responsible Pet Owners’ Coalition, an organization of pet owners, rescue volunteers, and others who are dedicated to responsible pet ownership and ensuring the passage of responsible pet owner policies in California. She has served as the legislative liaison to the German Shepherd Club of America for many years, and uses social media to raise public awareness about the threats facing animal ownership.

The NAIA Trust Team and our legislative division look forward to working with Stormy to make NAIA Trust one of the most effective organizations in the country for supporting the human-animal bond and opposing animal extremism.

About NAIA Trust

The NAIA Trust is a nonprofit 501 (c) 4 organization established under the Internal Revenue Code to promote responsible animal care and ownership and reasonable laws, policies and regulations to protect animals and the people who care for them.

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